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On: Apr 29, 2011

My honest opinion, I don't think Trey would ever move to the UK, his from the US & that's where his family is, it's only a matter of time before Trey really does breakthrough into the UK, he gets greater everyday. He knows all his angels love him wherever they are & where he is, but when he comes over here, to the UK, we welcome him with open arms, go all out for him. I know we also don't get a lot of opportunity's to meet Trey, I think you have to be really lucky, to catch him. I met him last Saturday after the Liverpool show, it was like a dream! I like it this way, I couldn't imagine him been here all the time. Maybe it might come a more regular thing for Trey to visit the UK more though, but who knows. I love Trey no matter where he is though. I would also love to go over to the US & see how Trey does it over there :D

On: Apr 29, 2011
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On: Apr 29, 2011
On: Apr 28, 2011

Oh damn! You should turn this into a book, I can't wait for the next chapter to read on, it's wrote with such passion.. “Satisfied. Fully satisfied.” - Yes, I'm satisfied within reading!! You have talent!

Replied To: Secret Service Chap.2 ()
On: Apr 26, 2011
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