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Emily Bowker


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I would love the privilege of winning this competition and the opportunity to meet Trey Songz because he is my all time favourite male artist. I've loved every single song of his from Gotta Make It to Simply Amazing. I spent hours drawing Trey's portait which he saw on twitter and re-tweeted. This showed me he notices, values and loves his fans and I see he does so much for us. Starting with being a great role model for our generation! His values and morals are what we should all strive to learn from. His songs show that he believes in having aspirations, working hard, being loyal to loved ones, staying down to earth, remembering where you came from etc. This is why I have never struggled with supporting such a trully amazing artist. His success is well deserved and I will proudly and strongly support him until the day he steps out of the studio.

To meet him would reaffirm how great life can be and I would be beyond ecstatic.

Keep up the hard work Trey, you're doing amazing and making all your UK fans so proud!

On: Aug 03, 2012
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Emily Bowker
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Trey is my favourite male artist and my dreams include getting him to follow me and to meet him! That would be "Simply Amazing"
Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Listening to Trey Songz, drawing Trey Songz, looking at Trey Songz' photos.
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Trey Songz Chris Brown
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Emily Bowker
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