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I love this video. I especially liked the 'Panty Wetter' part! Love you Trey <3

On: Oct 10, 2012

Please tell me more US dates are going to be added. CLEVELAND, OHIO and YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO wants Trey Songz!!!! :)

Replied To: Chapter V Tour Pre-sale! (Blog)
On: Oct 10, 2012

He'll be there Oct.26th. Info is on Ticketmaster.

On: Oct 09, 2012

I'm so sad and disappointed Trey isn't coming anywhere in Ohio. I was so prepared for this! :( I hope more dates are added for the US Tour. I was really looking foward to getting the Meet&Greet. CLEVELAND, OHIO pleaseeee We love you Trey! ♥

On: Oct 09, 2012

Congratulations on the noms Trey! Your Angels know you don't need to win awards to prove you're amazing! You show that every single day! Im excited for you though, you definitely deserve to win both! ♥ Goes to show hard work takes you far :)

On: Sep 20, 2012
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