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Entry 87
I was in the middle of posting clips from Trey and Kenny's live stream party on YouTube, when I came across this clip from the Wendy Williams show. At first I tried to ignore it, because I know that Trey's fans want to see the footage from the party. We had it in this huge rented ballroom that had a staging area. Damn near everybody that Trey and Kenny knows was there. Friends, family, celebrities, fans, all showed up to welcome Trey and Kenny back to New York, and to celebrate. We'd hired some students from NYU to help out, and they were a big help. It seems like Trey's fan base has tripled since we went to LA. There was a large crowd of screaming fans outside of the building. They were bearing gifts and flowers and cards and letters. The student helpers gathered up as much as they could from the fans and brought them inside. Trey and Kenny made a big show of opening up the gifts. The fans who couldn't get into the building were treated to a show from an outside tv monitor, and a viewing was being offered nationwide from a certain website. The two dollar charge was going to be donated to Trey's charity, Angels With Heart. The night was a success. My baby turnt up that night. We danced, we sang, we ate, we drank, and we cried. I cried a lot, even though I tried not to show it. I was so moved and truly touched by all of the love and support Trey and Kenny recieved. I tried to pull myself together when it came time for me to give a toast. After babbling for a few seconds, Trey gave me a kiss on my forehead to let me off the hook. He thanked me for being by his side through out the whole situation. I thanked him for being by my side too. Everybody cheered when we kissed. I know, we were being all mushy and such, but the occassion allowed it.

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On: Oct 11, 2013

Entry 86 cont'd
I spoke to Trey four times today, so I know that he's doing fine. He told me that nothing out of the ordinary happened while he was working. He also said that he'd met two of his Angels, and they told him that they would be keeping an eye out for Jasmine.
"They said they would whoop her ass for me if I wanted them to." Trey said.
Well, Go Trey's Angels! In the meantime, I got a report from Daddy's PI guy. He said that the little girl in Alabama, the one who's blogging as Nosey Ms Rosey, is a relative of Jasmine. In fact, so is the guy who's in jail for trying to kill me. The PI said that he's going to try to speak to the girl's parents about all that has been happenning with Jasmine. He said that he'd notify me as soon as he found out anything. I can't help but wait...

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On: Oct 11, 2013

Entry 86
Oh boy, I am so tired. I was up very early this morning to give my big man some much needed one on one time and a proper send off. In spite of all the craziness that's been going on in our lives, Trey still has obligations to fulfil. He has a photo shoot at a mansion somewhere in Pennsylvania. He'll be gone for two days. As the time drew near for his ride to arrive, I began to feel a bit of separation anxiety creeping in. I clung to him in the lobby of our building, and I didn't want to stop when we had our final kiss goodbye. I know that I always miss him like crazy when he goes away, but now, the feelings are much more intense. Trey must have been feeling the way that I was because he gave me an extra tight hug and held it for longer than usual.

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On: Oct 11, 2013

I'm having a problem adding a post to my discussion topic. Also, I can't see my profile page because everything is in black. I hope that these problems will be resolved soon.

On: Sep 02, 2013

Entry 85 cont'd
It took a few seconds for my girls to shake me out of my shock. So now, Robin is on my side? I bet Ms April had a lot to do with that. They're probably still good friends despite all that's happened. I like the fact that Robin felt the need to address Trey, too. I wondered if he had seen the video yet, but then decided that if he had, he would have told me. I started to call him, but CoCo wanted to see what was on the next video. She clicked the play button and Jasmine's eerie face was there. She was in a different location from her previous vids. She seemed to be in some kind of park. In the background, you could see trees and grass, and occasionally you could see people moving about.
Jasmine was dressed casually, and she actually looked refreshed and calm. I still dreaded to hear what she was going to say.
Jasmine started the vlog by saying that she had been contacted by a number of talk shows, blog sites, magazine companies, even a private meeting with a movie producer who wanted to buy the rights to her story.
The thought of Jasmine going to all of those sources with her bogus stories about Trey made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That bitch better not!
"Yeah, yeah, I know. I should tell my story, right? I mean, the world deserves to know the whole thing. But, I still have mine and Trey's relationship to protect. Yes, I said RELATIONSHIP." Jasmine chuckled a little before she went on.
"See what y'all don't understand is that Trey and I will never be over. He is mine now, and forever will be. Distance can't separate us, nor his career, nor his stalker bitch girlfriend. We're bound by blood now. And we both have an obligation to protect our little one." Jasmine stood up to run her hand across what was obviously supposed to look like a baby bump.
Lovey gasped and I shook my head and started to laugh.
"The crazy bitch is trying to show off her pregnancy? According to her crazy ass, she's only supposed to be about a two weeks pregnant."
I got up to move away from the screen. I could still hear her voice.
"At first, I wasn't sure if I should reveal just how far along I really am, but as you can clearly see, I'm really in my fourteenth week. And I'm proud to say that my baby and I are doing fine. Look."
"Ess! You have to see this!" Unique stood up and she was pointing at the screen.
"She has sonogram pictures!" Lovey said.
"I don't care! That bitch is lying!" I exploded. Not at my friends, but at the sheer craziness of it all. There was no way that Trey had been with her months ago - none at all.
I could hear Jasmine saying that Trey had begged her not to reveal their secret until he was ready. She said that he had feared that his fans would turn on him if they found out.
"See, Trey loves you guys. He didn't want our news to shock you all. He thought that you guys wouldn't love him anymore. Essence knew that, that's why she went out and said that she was pregnant. You know, I'll bet that she lied about that. With the way that girl likes to party, if she is pregnant, she's seriously putting that baby in harm's way."
I had had enough. I took off my shoe and threw it across the room. My four inch heel hit the top of my laptop, knocking it to the floor. Everyone jumped out of the way, anticipating the next shoe to go flying.
I wasn't upset about what she'd said about my nonexistent baby. I was mad because they didn't keep her ass locked up in the mental ward. Now she's gone off and stolen someone else's sonogram pictures. She's sporting a fake belly, and she's threatening to do a tell-all full of lies about Trey. I didn't want to hear another word about Jasmine. I wanted to know what Daddy's PI guy had to say about her. Hopefully he can tell us something that will help us put an end to all of this once and for all.
I told my friends that they could all watch the vlogs some other time. They totally understood. Juicy suggested that I put out my own blog about the situation. She said that she had been doing a lot of blogging on her own about all of this. She said that everytime Nosy Ms Rosey put out something, she'd put out something too.
"But you know they all want to hear it from the horse's mouth. I don't see what you have to lose." She said.
I agreed, but in light of what I'd just seen and heard from Robin, I decided to wait until after I spoke to her. It had been big of her to publicly apologize to Trey and me. Besides, Trey may have something to say as well. I'll know everything after tonight's live stream.

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On: Mar 14, 2013
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