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R.I.P. Danielle

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On: Apr 25, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
I'm good as long as Trey is good. A nurse came in and did our triage work and a short while after that, a doctor came in and did a quick examination. He ordered IV for Trey and Kenny, he gave me a tetanus shot, and he treated and bandaged my shoulder.
Trey and Kenny were ordered to relax on hospital beds while the IV fluids took effect. I went to get something for us to eat.
As I left the room, Miss April went in. We gave each other a quick hug. Daddy was waiting for me in the waiting room. He'd bought me tee shirt and a swirly lollipop from the gift shop. I smiled at the irony of the gesture. Daddy remembered that as a little girl, I used to love getting those lollipops whenever I had to go to the doctor. Having Daddy here is so comforting.
I stepped into the restroom to change into the shirt. I threw away the shirt I'd been wearing. It was so gross all covered in Jasmine's blood. I had to use paper towels and the hospital soap to wash away traces of the blood.
I looked at my face in the mirror. CoCo would have jokes for days. I looked like a hot mess. My eyes were ringed in dark circles from my makeup. My lips could use some gloss big time, and my hair was a poofy mess. I had to run some water through it and tie it up in a bun to make it look somewhat decent. I washed off the eye make up as best I could.
When I came out of the restroom, Daddy smiled at me. He was pleased with his choice in tee shirt designs. The shirt is white with a sparkly red heart in the middle. It fits perfectly, too.
Daddy was on his phone with Ma. He gave me the phone and the first thing she wanted to know was why hadn't I called her or Daddy when things got all crazy. To tell the truth, calling Ma hadn't even been on my mind. Finding Kenny had been the most important thing to do.
She was relieved that I was alright as was CoCo, Lovey, and Tiffany.
Tiffany told me that there had been all kinds of stories going around on the internet about Kenny's disappearance.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Apr 13, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
He said that he didn't know how he'd gotten there, and that he was unable to leave the room because the door didn't have a doorknob on it. He said that he'd tried to force the door open by slamming himself into it. When that didn't work, he said that he'd gone over to the window. All he could see from there was the front lawn, the entrance gate, and the marbled walkway to the entrance. The window wouldn't open.
He said he'd tried to yell for someone to let him out, but his throat was scratchy and dry.
The room had a bathroom in it and he went in there and drank from the sink. Afterwards, he said that he'd looked for his phone and wallet. They were gone, and so was his jewelry.
"That made me mad as hell." He said. He told us that he didn't know how long it took for someone to finally come into the room, but when the door opened, it was Jasmine, Mel, and two huge Hispanic guys who entered with them.
He said that he'd told them to let him out of the room. He said that when he'd tried to walk to the door, he got into a tussle with the two big guys. He said that Mel pulled out a gun and told him to go sit on the bed.
He said that Jasmine put a tray of food and a jug of iced tea on a table, and told him that she'd bring Trey to the house to see him later.
He said that after they left, the door slid closed and it didn't open up again until Jasmine came in while he was sleeping. He said that he'd felt the prick of the needle on his neck. He jumped up and tried to grab her. She ran out of the room before he could catch her and the door slid close behind her. He said that he'd gotten mad and kicked the door, then he heard noise coming from outside. When he saw all of us down on the lawn, he yelled out to us, but we didn't hear him, so he decided to break the window.
He said that he'd seen the way Kelli had gotten hit, too. Trey said that he'd felt bad about that.
"She's alright, now." I said.
Trey hugged me and asked me how I felt.
"I'm good." I said.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Apr 12, 2012

Entry 79
This day is turning out to be a long one. I found a quiet corner to sit in, so I'm writing to pass the time away. Just looking at how the events of the day unfolded, I'm thinking that this would make a pretty good story in a tell all book. But I wouldn't do that to Trey. These pages are only going to be looked at years from now by our grandchildren.
I'm sitting in a waiting room that was sectioned off for our use in a private wing of the hospital. I guess it's the wing that's reserved for celebrities when they come to the hospital. When we got here, things were kind of crazy.
I rode in with Daddy, Trey, Lia, and Kenny in one car. My bodyguards rode with Missy and her mom in Missy's truck. Trey's cousin and best friend rode in the rental we'd come in, along with Kenny's brother. Kelli rode in a squad car with the officer who'd been helping her.
There were fans gathered outside of the hospital's emergency room entrance, so we didn't enter the hospital that way. A young orderly ushered us through another entrance. The police presence there was pretty heavy, as were the reporters and other news media. Daddy tried to shield me from the cameras and reporters as we walked, so they fired their questions at him, instead. They also yelled out to Trey. Funny how Kenny was still doing his job as Trey's protector. It took for Eric and Charles to surround them and block the cameras before Kenny walked ahead with the rest of us. Chrissy made sure that Missy and her mom didn't get lost in the shuffle.
We were brought to a separate part of the hospital, where it was much quieter. Immediately a nurse told us that if we wanted to be seen by the doctor, we were to wait in one room. The others would have to wait in the waiting area.
Daddy insisted that I be seen by the doctor. I did as I was told. Trey and I huddled together while Kenny told us about the moments before we showed up to rescue him. He told us that two days ago he woke up in the room, achy and thirsty as hell.

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On: Apr 12, 2012

Enty 78 cont'd
I told Trey that I was worried about what that nut had injected him with and I pouted until he decided to go too.
We were all trying to decide who would ride in which car, when the house keeping staff arrived. Missy's mom made them all wait outside of the house. She interrogated them like she was the lead detective on the case. Although they spoke mostly Spanish, Missy's mom understood exactly what they were saying. Two women wearing maids uniforms showed up and Missy's mom went in on them too. One of the ladies called out the name Nico. Missy's mom marched over to a young man who had tried to get right to work on the lawn.
Missy's mom got in his face and yelled in Spanish, but the young man didn't seem daunted. In fact, he seemed to be teasing her as he gave her a sly grin and pulled off his shirt right in front of her.
Chrissy mumbled something in Spanish and she and Missy giggled and slapped hands with one another. I even raised my eyebrows at the well sculpted abs and pecks on the Mexican hottie. All of the guys just groaned and Charles and Eric began to flex their muscles as if they were in competition with the cute grounds worker.
A few of the other employees laughed a little to break up the tension, but Missy's mom wasn't amused. She yelled at everyone and told them to get to work. She muttered aloud to us that although she didn't have the direct power to fire anyone, she would make sure that her father did when he returned home.
Missy explained to us that it had been Nico who had invited Jasmine and Mel up to the house for one of his unauthorized pool parties. Somehow, they had been able to get Kenny up to the house and keep him locked in the room we'd found him in.
Kenny said that he didn't remember being at a party. He said that all he remembered was waking up in the room with a headache and a burning feeling in his shoulder.
The police told Missy's mom that they'd have to do a thorough investigation before Nico could be arrested.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Mar 24, 2012
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