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Entry 78 cont'd
When we got downstairs, things were quieter than they'd been earlier. Only one news van was left outside of the gate. Animal Control was gone. The ambulances were gone. Only a few squad cars remained as well.
No sign of Mel nor Jasmine. A flustered looking Kelli was standing on the porch. She smiled as Trey and I walked out of the house, but her smile faded when she saw that we had our arms around each other. She didn't have time to pout for long because a young, good looking officer walked up to her. He gave her a small bottle of water and made quite a fuss over her well being. I could tell that she liked the attention.
Trey fussed over me too. He pulled off his sweat jacket and wrapped it around me. Missy brought out wet washcloths for us and Trey wiped my face with one. When he was finished, he kissed the tip of my nose.
I looked up into his eyes and realized how long it had been since the last time I had done so. I couldn't help staring into his handsome face. A shiver went through me as I recalled that two days ago he was gone. What if he had been lost forever? I pushed that thought out of my mind and leaned into his strong chest. Tears ran down my face and I squeezed him tightly. He wrapped his arms firmly around me and held me tightly too. I really do need him.
Daddy had been talking to Missy's mom and Lia. I heard him excuse himself and he walked over to us. He asked me if I was okay. All I could do was nod, I was still holding onto Trey. Then Daddy did something unexpected. He gave both of us a hug. He kissed the back of my head, then he gave Trey a pat on the arm. He stage whispered for Trey to get me to go to the hospital, then he walked back over to Missy, her mom and Lia.
Kenny came over to us and said that Trey should go to the hospital. He had heard that Jasmine had drugged him.
Trey told us that he felt alright, he thought that the drug was wearing off. He told me that I needed to go to the hospital for my injuries. I agreed to go.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Mar 23, 2012

As for what I said about his fans being expendabe to him, I don't thhink that we should be. I'm not talking about those who don't give a damn whether Trey is on top or not. I was talking about those who do care, Angels or non Angels. No celebrity can say that the people who love and support them and go hard for them are expendable. Let the haters be expendable. And just because you disagree with someone you love, it doesn't mean you're a hater.
I can say that I don't like what Trey did, and I still love him the same. I just don't want to feel like I have to walk on egg shells for him just because he's a celebrity and I'm his fan. If he ever follows me on twitter, I don't want him to unfollow me just because I may say somethhing to him that he doesn't like. He doesn't apologize for his actions, so he should be able to take it when someone else is just expressing themselves in a non threatening way.

Replied To: Disappointed in Trey ()
On: Mar 22, 2012

@Tricia Thank you, because all I have been saying is what you said - he made you feel special by following you, then he hurt you by unollowing you. Whatever his reasons were, they were his, but I still don't understand them. I probably never will, but you forgive him, and that's what's important because it happened to you. I still admire you for that. I hope that I'm able to forgive him if he ever does something that hurts me personally.
I really do love Trey and I respect him. I can see how he loves his fans and he appreciates them, but that's why I got so confused and I expressed my opinions about this subject. Because he is who he is and he knows he has so much power, I don't think it's right to say something or do something to sweep you off of your feet, then because you make the mistake of being yourself around him, you have to pay with such dire consequences.
To everyone who thinks that I was saying mean or negative things about Trey, I'm sorry you feel that way. I just don't want to start looking at him like he's the type of person who switches up on you, depending on his mood. I'm sensitive and I tend to back away from people who throw shade my way. Others have the right to be who they are, but I don't have to stand around and take their shit.
As for him being a celebrity, he started all the "letting us into his world" stuff. he spoiled us to a point and we want what he's been giving us. I understand he's only human, but as a fellow human, he should understand that our mistakes should be forgiven too.
Oh and I never said that only his Angels are his true fans. I mentioned the word fans more times than I said Angels because I was referring to EVERYBODY who enjoys Trey, whether it's for his music, looks or whatever. BUT, he did give the impression that we - the ANGELS - are supposed to be a little bit more special. All I was saying is that he shouldn't have unfollowed an Angel, especially since she wasn't being malicious toward him.

Replied To: Disappointed in Trey ()
On: Mar 22, 2012

You know what? I really don't think any artist cares whether the people who support them are true fans or not. At the end of the day, they all just want to be relevant. I love Trey way more than I love NeYo or Big Sean, but after seeing them both on stage, BECAUSE I went to see Trey, I can see myself going to a Big Sean concert, or a NeYo concert. They don't have to get my undying love to get my support. And at the end of the day, they won't even care.
It's different when the artist knows how hard you go for him, and he sees how much you love him. It's okay for him to dismiss you over your opinion?
It doesn't make a person less of a fan if they get upset at something he does. It will just make them question him. If his response to the question is "Get the f*ck out, I don't want to hear it!" Then how deep is HIS love, really?

Replied To: Disappointed in Trey ()
On: Mar 17, 2012

I'm just saying, you start cutting off your fans because of their opinions, then who's gonna hold you down when you you start to fall?
Trey is beautiful and wonderful and all that. He has us captivated and yeah, it is what it is. I just think that his backlash stings like hell.
@Tricia I'm sure you didn't say anything that would make him believe you meant him or his family physical harm. I'm sure you didn't even tell him that if he didn't apologize to the girl that he would lose you as a fan. I take his unfollowing you as him saying that he doesn't care how YOU feel for a fellow Angel. He clicked her off, and he clicked you off too, and that's supposed to be the end of discussion.
He didn't know you were going to stay his fan. And now you're going to pay him VIP money just so that you can explain yourself to him. I hope it goes well.
Look, I'm not in your pockets, you probably would have paid for VIP anyway. I'm not knocking you. I'm still his fan. I pay for albums, concerts, merchandise, etc. I drool over his interviews, songs, videos, whatever.
I'm just saying that maybe if he hadn't cut you off from direct contact and he would have waited to hear from you again, he could have gotten what you have to say from that.
As for his busy schedule and all, yeah, he has a life, he deserves to live it to the fullest. So on his down time he's really sifting through his timeline and DM box seething because a fan says something disappointing to him? Yeah he may be sensitive in some ways, but if he unfollows you to me it's like he's saying f*ck you and the horse you rode in on. I don't need your support, I don't need your love.

Replied To: Disappointed in Trey ()
On: Mar 17, 2012
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