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Like I said, I don't know what was said in the DM that made him mad. And I do understand he has the right to unfollow whoever he wants, it's his twitter- yeah, all that. I'm just saying that to me it looks like he said "Well f*ck both of y'all. I ain't got sh*t to say to neither one of y'all. And now, y'all can't say sh*t to me."
Remember, Trey's not on twitter sending shout outs everyday, he's not on Ustream often, he's not on that phone line he used to use to send out personal messages. So when he follows a fan on twitter, he is giving them a direct line to him, whether he talks to them or not. Fans DM him hoping that he will respond to them.
No, it doesn't pay their bills, no they won't go jump off a bridge over it, but seriously, I thought he was doing all of that so that he could get to know his fans on a more personal level. So now he does know some on a more personal level, and he decided that he doesn't like what they said, so get the hell off my twitter?
As for the young girl saying all that she said, Trey might have felt like well this little girl is just wildin out, I don't have time for it.
But I wasn't really defending her. She said what she had to say, she did her. I was mainly talking about Tricia's case.
@Tricia, I don't know you personally, that's why I apologized in case I said something that would offend you.
As was mentioned before, Trey did something special for us by doing the tour. Yeah it was a charitable event. Yeah it probably came out of his own pocket, yeah we love him for it. But at the end of the day, he did it to keep his fan base interested. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Trey said so himself that he's always in competition with other artists, whether they're his friends or not.
He may get his recognition from other artists, and he may feel their love, but it's the FANS who keep him at the top. To me, unfollowing a fan is taking it too far, especially since she still wants to be his fan.

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On: Mar 17, 2012

With that in mind, I'm beginning to wonder if he thinks that we are expendable.
Granted, I don't know what was actually said in your DM to him that could have rubbed him the wrong way. And I'm not sure if he knows that the young lady he blasted is as young as she is. What I do know is that he opened the door to us for so much access to him. That's part of what made him stand out from all the rest. If he's going to be getting all personal and up close with us, then he should take us as we are, like he expects us to do.
If a family member says or does something you don't like you may argue, stop speaking for a while, it may even get ugly, but family is family. Trey is always so positive when it comes to family. He said his Angels are like his family. So is that what family deserves? To be disconnected like that?
I'm just confused. And a bit sad - for you as well as for the rest of us. Is Trey changing on us? Or is he just letting his true nature show?
I apologize to you Angels if I'm taking this too far, but I'm really sensitive and I don't want to start looking at Trey in a different light.

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On: Mar 17, 2012

I still love Trey and I admit that I don't know what his state of mind was when he started unfollowing his fans, but I think that it's hitting below the belt to disconnect from his fans in that way.
Lets be real, and mind you, I still love him, but come on, he has millions of followers and I'm sure that not all of them are not true fans of his. Some people just follow celebs just to be able to say that they do. He probably doesn't even know all of the people he follows. And everyday there could be people out there saying negative things to him and about him, but he probably just shrugs it off because he doesn't know them.
But what about his die hard fans? He KNOWS that most of them go far beyond the call of duty for him. One disagreement and he just cuts them off like that?
He might as well have revoked their Angel status as well.
@Tricia I don't mean to beat this in the hole and I apologize if I offend you in any way. I believe that you are very brave for even sharing this experience with us, and you're strong for letting your love for Trey override your disappointment. I just can't get over the unfollow. He could have just said something back to you and let it be. But like I said before, he knows how special his follow made you feel. Why else would they announce the follows when he does them? You met him and he sees your pic of the two of you together and he KNOWS how precious those moments are.
He just took a precious moment away from you as if you sent him a death threat or something. There are people out there who say harmful things to and about him and does he personally and publicly blast them? He ignores them but he takes it out on his fans. Didn't he call us his family? What, was that all just talk?
There was this one person who used to be on this site saying all kinds of rude stuff to us and about Trey. I used to hate her comments, but now I'm remembering one thing in particular she said. She said that she doesn't need to be a fan of Trey, HE NEEDS HER.

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On: Mar 17, 2012

thanks for the link @TSAngel_Ty

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On: Mar 16, 2012

LMAO @Tricia

On: Mar 16, 2012
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