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I felt the same way when I went to my first concert in November. Where I was, nobody was doing anything, but sitting there like they'd come to the wrong place or something. So I had a ball by myself. I screamed I danced I sang and I reacted to everything Trey did on stage. I didn't care. I was at a Trey Songz concert!! lol.
I spoke to a few people and they were nice. Not sure if they were Angels or not, but to me they were. Trey was our common cause.
There are going to be cliques everywhere you go in life. Just find the one you fit into, or just rock solo, but stay true to you.
As Trey's Angels we don't all know each other, and our personalities may not always fit together, but our common factor is Trey. Whether it's online or in person, he's brought us together through our love and support for him. To me Trey's Angels are special. I hope you decide to stay an Angel. If you want a long distance friend, I'm Essence711, @Essence711_TTU, #Rebellious Angel. :)

On: Mar 15, 2012

At first I was happy, all screaming and what not. Then I looked at his face and he was looking dead at the screen. I got a little scared like I thought he was looking dead at me. Then he read another girl's comment and did the same thing. Then I asked him a question and he read the question with such sarcasm in his tone. I'm telling you, my heart started beating faster and I just felt like he caught me doing something bad.
For the next few days I didn't tweet anything on twitter. A friend of mine had to really convince me that whether Trey saw my tweets or not, out of his thousands (at that time) of followers, he's really paying attention to me?
Eventually, I got over my feelings and continued my love affair (in my mind) with Trey. He's still number one to me.
I wonder though, why is it that when Trey is being all sweet to his fans, all is good with him as Trey Songz, but when he gets real and shows us a different side, that's supposed to be him being Tremaine Neverson.
I know that one is a persona and the other is a regular person, but Tremaine wanted to become Trey Songz. By now, he should be used to the way things work concerning his fans. We love Trey Songz and we only feel closer to him if we think he's giving us a piece of Tremaine as well. He knows how special we feel when he gives us the slightest nod and he claims to appreciate us for all that we do. To unfollow a person for ruffling his feathers, I don't know.
Remember, he's not innocent in that manner either. When he said something to another celeb (as a FAN) and that person didn't like it, we all stood up and supported him. A lot of people went at him hard for that too. But his Angels stood up for him.
Maybe I am judging now, but to unfollow someone is to cut off a direct connection to him. It's like he's saying that he doesn't care if he loses a fan or two. I understand that he can't cater to his fans' feelings, but he should realize that we do have feelings too and our feelings carry him a long way.

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On: Mar 15, 2012

WOW!! I'm so sorry he unfollowed you and the other Angel. That is a very harsh punishment. I admire you for forgiving him. When I read the tweet the other day, I thought that Trey sent it out to say that he was acknowledging the girl at that moment, and I didn't think he had meant her any harm. I also didn't know that the tweet from the girl was a DM. Now looking at the situation, I feel shocked that he would unfollow you two. He just got finished doing those tours and giving all of that charity to his fans because he cares so much. Now this? I don't understand. I'm not judging him because I don't know him personally and I don't know how he takes certain criticisms, but I'm just surprised to see that he'd unfollow you just like that.
Trey doesn't follow me, and I don't know if he ever will, but I'm so sensitive, I feel funny when non celebs unfollow me on twitter, whether I know them or not. I'm just saying that I can imagine how hurt you were when it happened from Trey. Glad to know that the pain is fading.
I kind of know what it feels like to catch Trey's anger. When twitter first came out, a group of us followed Trey and we tweeted all kinds of stuff about him. Nothing was off limits, so the conversations led into his private life. Yeah, we hated on the chicks we thought he was involved with. I guess we didn't realize that everybody you mention on twitter can find your tweets about them, so this one girl began to put out tweets denying her involvement with Trey, that must have got him mad because he started tweeting out comments about 'haters' and people who need to mind their business about his private life.
Then, like the next day Troy Taylor did a Ustream and me and the other tweeters continued our conversation in there. Now y'all know lurking is a bitch! Trey came into the room where Troy was doing the class and he looked MAD! He started reading the screen and saying certain comments out loud and I remember this because he said one of my comments.

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On: Mar 15, 2012

LOL @Cuttigurl609 I watched a Ustream of him eating and all I kept saying to the screen was, "Damn, would somebody hand him a napkin or something?" I think someone in the room with him mentioned something to him about eating in front of the camera and he said something like we have to take him as he is, or something like that.
See stuff like that, I can overlook because I have my moments when I can go in on some food, lol. But like I said before, loud snoring is a no no for me. Once a friend of mine spent the night at my house to help me in case I went into early labor. She was on one couch all the way across the room, and I was on the other one. I swear I woke up thinking that a train was going through my livingroom because she snored so loudly. She even woke up my unborn child!
If Trey were my man and he tried to boss me around or he just kept having attitudes for no reason, then that would be a no no as well.

On: Mar 15, 2012

OMG I was SO mad. lol

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On: Mar 15, 2012
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