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Entry 78 cont'd
Out of no where, Kenny jumped out from the other side of the door frame and tackled the officer. The officer was a pretty big guy as well, but Kenny's surprise attack had the guy on the lush carpet in seconds flat.
Kenny's brother rushed to untangled Kenny's huge arms from around the officer's neck. The flustered officer tried to grab at his gun.
"No, don't shoot! He might have been drugged!" I cried.
Kenny's brother pleaded with him to let go of the officer. Finally, he did. He stood up from where he left the officer gasping for breath. He scowled at all of us and for a second, I thought that he was going to take his rage out on one of us.
Kenny's brother asked if he was alright.
"Hell, no! " Kenny replied. "I'm finna kill something up in here."
He paced around the room and for a minute he really did look like he wanted to kill somebody.
Unexpectedly, he grabbed his brother into an embrace.
"I'm glad y'all came, tho." He said and smiled.
We all let out sighs and cries of relief. Charles helped the officer onto his feet. At that moment Trey walked into the room, followed by Missy's mom, Chrissy and two other officers. Trey blinked several times when he saw Kenny as if he couldn't believe his eyes, then he smiled and went over to hug his friend.
I watched Trey closely because I was still worried about the effects from the drug that Jasmine had pumped into him. I didn't interrupt the reunion, though.
Chrissy told me that she'd contacted Daddy and that he was on his way over. The police officers questioned all of us. About an hour went by before they were satisfied that they'd gotten the full story on what had happened.
When it was all over, the police told us that we were all free to go. Daddy and Lia arrived and she took care of all of the legal stuff with the cops.
It turned out that the private investigator that Daddy hired had done a very thorough job. He had all kinds of dirt on Jasmine and Mel. They're going to jail for real. Good for them.

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On: Mar 10, 2012

LOL these comments are killing me. I swear you all breathe life into these characters.
@ BornPrettyBee, I'm going to move these stories to another site so that they can be read without interruption.

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On: Mar 10, 2012

Happy belated birthday. I can imagine how disappointed you were. I'm glad you're ok and I hope you get well soon. When God restores your health to the fullest, I'm sure he'll bless you with another chance to see Trey.

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On: Mar 10, 2012

lol I used to think about this question all the time. It would definitely depend on what he did that was so annoying. Like if he snores really loudly when he sleeps, I don't know how I could put up with that. Or if he had some really nasty disgusting habit then, ugh! But I don't even want to go there.
If he was the type of man who played too much, then that would get on my nerves, but I'd probably still be with him. Knowing me, I'd just start doing things to annoy him back. lol

On: Mar 10, 2012

Entry 78 cont'd
Missy told the officer that house belongs to her grandfather, then she asked me what was I doing there.
I gave her a quick rundown. She shook her head then she shrieked and her eyes widened as she looked beyond me. I turned and saw the nervous guy from animal control trying to capture the snake.
"Oh my Lord!" Missy pulled out her phone. She called her mother and told her to come right over.
"Bring your key because all hell is breaking loose over here. They're trying to kill Sweety!" She said.
"That snake's name is Sweety?" I couldn't believe it.
"Yeah. That's Grandpa's baby, and he is going to raise hell when he hears about this." Missy replied.
I asked her if she knew Jasmine or Mel and she shook her head. I pointed them out to her. She didn't have a clue as to how they knew her grandfather. She asked me if I was alright because I was covered in blood. I told her that the blood mostly belonged to Jasmine. She just kept shaking her head. A nosey reporter stood next to us. He tried to interview us, but Missy threatened to sue him if he didn't leave us alone.
It didn't take long for her mom to arrive, and when she did, she unlocked the gate and made purposeful strides to the house. She showed the police her driver's license and demanded to know what was going on. While the police tried to explain the situation, I introduced Missy to Trey. Missy was impressed and she momentarily smiled and gave me her nod of approval.
I asked Missy if she could help us get to Kenny. She said that she could. An officer insisted on going with us into the house. He wanted to look around, before he let us go upstairs. When we got upstairs, Kenny's brother led the way to the room that Kenny was in. There was no doorknob or handle on the door.
Missy went over to a keypad located on the side of the door. She punched in a few numbers and the door slid open.
The officer brushed us aside as he entered the room first. Cautiously, he looked around the door frame.

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On: Mar 03, 2012
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