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Entry 78 cont'd
Looking back, I can truly say that when I saw that snake heading straight for my baby all rational thought left my brain. If it hadn't been for Eric holding onto me so tightly, I probably would have jumped in front of the snake, just to distract it from Trey.
I yelled for Mel to catch the snake. Trey's best friend pushed Mel in the snake's path.
"Yo, chill!" Mel yelled.
The snake darted around Mel and to my utter amazement, it rolled itself up into a tight coil and just stayed still. It's head stood in an almost regal pose as it's neck raised slightly from the rest of it's body. The only movement from the snake was it's forked tongue that wiggled from it's mouth. It's cold eyes remained transfixed on Mel.
No one spoke. I guess we were all waiting to see if the snake was going to strike at Mel. It didn't.
Mel, who seemed undaunted by the whole ordeal just walked away from the staring snake.
Trey's cousin and Kenny's brother slowly backed their way off of the diving board ladder. Even though the snake wasn't facing them, they took no chances and slowly walked backwards across the lawn.
Eric pulled me towards the front of the house. Charles, armed with a long, thin, metal object, cautiously backed away from the snake too. Trey's best friend placed a hand across the small of Chrissy's back and gently ushered her back to the front of the house.
When we got back to the front, Kelli was standing in front of Trey with her arms outstretched. She was trying to get him to calm down.
Mel was walking back and forth, yelling obscenities at Trey. Kelli spun around and yelled back at Mel.
As we got closer, I could tell that Trey and Mel were about to fight. I broke away from Eric and ran up to Trey. I didn't want to touch him because he was pretty mad. He gently pushed me behind him and yelled that Mel had almost gotten me killed by the snake.
"Nobody told her ass to come up here!" Mel fired back.
Trey charged at Mel. Eric jumped in the way and tried to stop him.

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On: Feb 17, 2012

Entry 78 cont'd
Chrissy told me to be careful because there really could be a pit bull lurking around on the property. No sooner, had she said the words, did we hear a loud yell coming from the back of the house.
Chrissy and I ran around the house. When we got there we saw Trey's best friend trying to climb onto the awning of the pool house. Kenny's brother and Trey's cousin were climbing up the ladder to the pool's diving board. Slithering on the ground towards them was the biggest snake I've ever seen in my life.
The men were yelling and telling us to go back to the front of the house. The snake must have sensed us because it instantly turned and started for us. Chrissy and I screamed so loud, we could have broken the windows on that side of the house.
I couldn't move. I literally just stood there screaming. Somewhere behind me I heard glass breaking. Before I knew what was happening, someone grabbed me from behind and I saw a crystal vase shatter where I was just standing, and where the snake was now striking.
"Oh shit!" Eric's voice exclaimed over my shoulder.
A piece of the vase hit the snake in the mouth. All I saw was that wide open mouth with its fangs exposed. The snake jumped backwards from the blow and it sort of wriggled from side to side. As Eric was pulling me backwards to the side of the house, I saw Trey throwing large objects at the snake.
"Yo! What the fuck are you doing?" I heard Mel exclaim.
Kelli's stunned face flashed by me as I was being moved to safety.
Charles grabbed Mel and told him to get the snake under control, while Trey's best friend, who had jumped in the pool, pulled off his shirt and flicked it at Mel.
The snake was angry and every time Trey threw something at it, it jumped to strike it. At one point it leapt off the ground and landed with a thud on the grass. Then it started for Trey!
"Nooooo!" I screamed.
Trey took one last brave shot with a huge stone from the walkway, then he ran back towards the front of the house.

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Entry 78
We got to this house about two miles away from the hotel. It was a pretty nice neighborhood. The homes there were upscale and most were surrounded by huge fences mounted by surveillance cameras. The dogs I heard barking were the happy yips of little dogs who got carried around in handbags all day, not the ferocious hungry growls of pit bulls.
Chrissy had sent texts to Eric and Charles, telling them where we were going. We bumped into Kenny's brother in the lobby of the hotel and he's the one who drove us, along with Trey's best friend and his cousin.
We followed the taxi that Trey and Kelli took in as close proximity as we could without being noticed.
As we passed the diner we'd been at, we could see the guys standing out side. Charles gave us a small salute as we passed by. Mel didn't notice us because he was too busy on his phone. Chrissy nudged me and told me that she thought he might be talking to Kelli. I peered over the front seats and I thought I could see her on her phone. I saw Trey with his arm around Kelli. He said something to her and Kelli shrugged and hung up her phone.
His arm never left her shoulder, until their taxi stopped and they got out. Trey paid for the ride.
Kelli was oblivious to our arrival as she hastily walked up to the house. Trey, however, seemed to be looking for us. He watched as the cab drove away and our car crept slowly into the driveway. Our eyes locked and Trey put his finger to his lips. He pointed to the house and began to walk towards it. He waved behind his back as if to tell us not to come up there just yet.
We waited a few minutes after they went in the house, then we began to walk around the grounds. Nobody else seemed to be home so we felt free to look around. I went up to the house to try and see what Kelli and Trey were doing. I wasn't tall enough to see into the windows. Neither was Chrissy.
Kenny's brother decided to go and look around in the back of the house. Trey's cousin and best friend went with him.

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Entry 77 cont'd
"So where is Mel, now?" Trey asked.
"He's at the diner - oh shit! I have to go. I have to do something!" Kelli backed away from Trey.
Trey caught her hand and took a step towards her. He fixed an intense gaze on her.
"Don't run off now, baby."
"I have to..." Kelli said. She didn't try hard to pull away from Trey. He took another step closer.
Kelli's whole face is turned upwards. She looks as if she's going to kiss Trey right there! My blood is beginning to boil because it looks as if he's going to kiss her too.
Ok, I'm in the backseat of a rental, trying not to be seen. I'm only writing to keep my cool. Things almost got pretty intense back at the hotel. Chrissy had to really hold me back. I was going to scratch Kelli's eyes out for touching my man the way she did.
I had to watch as Trey pulled her back to him. He held her close and put his lips to her forehead. He was saying something that I couldn't hear.
Chrissy had one tight grip around me with one arm, and her hand placed over my mouth. She pulled me away from the doorway, just as Kelli and Trey walked by us.
"Shh!" Chrissy hissed.
I watched as Trey walked right out of the room with Kelli as if I didn't exist. He even had his arm around her.
When Chrissy let me go she quickly apologized to me, then she explained her actions.
"You know Trey had to do what he had to do so that she could lead him to Kenny. I think his technique is smooth." She told me.
I was stunned speechless at the moment. She kind of chuckled and told me that I'd see her point later.
I saw her point at that moment, but damn, I'm only human. Ok, so CoCo was right. I'm obsessed with Trey. I get insanely blind and jealous when it comes to him. And I almost blew his chance to find Kenny.
Chrissy told me that she wanted to follow them in case Trey needed back up. At first I didn't want to go because I felt like I may end up screwing everything up.
"No you won't. I'll make sure you won't." She grinned. "Come on, we gotta go."

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Entry 77 cont'd
Trying to hear what they're saying through the wall isn't quite getting it. I need to move closer to the door.
Now I can see them as well as hear them. Kelli's telling Trey about the first time her husband saw Kenny. She said that he just knew that Kenny would pound him into the floor if he tried to step to Trey.
"When you stepped to him that night, you had him shook. He never told me so, but I know you did. We would be arguing about something, then all of a sudden, he'd hear you either opening your door, or you'd be in your room next to ours, and he'd stop yelling. He'd stand there as if he was waiting for you to be out of earshot or something. Then he'd either start to talk low, or he'd just drop the argument all together."
Trey asked her if she was alright now that she's with Mel. She says that she's happier than she used to be, but if she could choose...
By the way she let the rest of her sentence trail off, I know who she wishes she could choose. I can see her looking up into Trey's eyes like she's in some fairytale or something.
Nuh-uh. Not tonight, Princess Jasmine!
Chrissy held my arm so that I couldn't go barging in there. She has a point. We need to let her tell Trey what she knows. Now it's my turn to pout. I wonder how far this chick is willing to go before she tells Trey what we need to know.
Fortunately, Trey just wants to cut to the chase. He asked her if Mel mentioned anything to her about the day Kenny went missing.
Kelli hesitated, then she exhaled. She says that Mel didn't tell her anything directly, but she overheard him and Jasmine talking about somebody that they're trying to avoid, or get away from. She said that Mel was saying that they may have to tie him up.
"When I asked him who they were talking about, he just told me that he's watching this guy's dog or something. I heard Jasmine say something about getting some drugs from somewhere and that started this big argument. I swear, that girl is such a druggie." Kelli said.

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