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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trey Songz. I am his self proclaimed Stalker, and I mean that in a good way. I am a huge fan/supporter and I am proud of it. I am also proud to be called one of his Angels. My nickname is #RebelliousAngel. I know that sounds bad, but believe me, it's all good. LOL.
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follow me on twitter @GloriaNeverson

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I've been reading your story "Stalker Diaries 2," but I need to know the link to part one. This is a great story and I am very anxious to see what is coming next. You have an amazing talent so please keep it up. Please, please, please give me the link to the first part and any other stories you have written. My email is Thanks and have a wonderful day!!

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omg, call me @LateAsHell because I didn't know that you could leave posts on your profile page. LOL
I just read the posts, and I thank you all so much for your comments on my story.

sinsation820 CharitableAngel's picture

im a stalker myself so dont feel bad i call it following my dreams tryin to make it a reality lol and your story is makin me jealous lol

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Can you tell me where to find the first Stalker Diaries?!? I LOVE the 2nd one! Its amazing. YOu are an awesome writer!

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Hi Essence when is Stalker diary 2 starting.

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Never mind...I saw the first story. I am now another Stalker Diary addict. WOW! Keep them coming sis. =)

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Okay I am new to the Angels club/"sorority" here so what is this Stalker Diaries 2 and where can I get the first "book"? If you tell me Twitter I know for sure that I'll have to submit to peer pressure and get a handle so I can know what is going on. *lol* I love a good book and from what the other angels are saying...I am gathering that you write a good story. =)

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what's your twitter

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Thank u suga for the vote !!!! lol :)

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Essence I hope u dont mind my post on ur blog I need the help lol they pass my lil blog up to get to urs I would to u have wonderful writting skills