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Entry 85
We've been home for about a week, and things are certainly far from the usual, not that I was expecting them to be. Trey's fans have over cluttered our storage space with gifts. Their love for him is astounding and Trey has been doing his best all week to make them feel all of the love he has for them. He's been doing Q & As online, he gave away a ton of free music, mostly stuff he'd recorded before he made it big. Troy Taylor got on board and he has done three Ustreams in a row for Trey's fans. Even Ms April joined in. She and his closest friends got together with a lot of Trey's celebrity friends and they've all agreed to do a live stream tonight, all in honor of Trey and Kenny making it back safe and sound. Someone on Trey's team suggested that a charge be set at $1.99 to view the stream, that way, the proceeds can go to Trey's charity, Angels With Heart. The buzz has been all over twitter for the last few days, so much so, that the Mayor of Los Angeles has started a major campaign against drugs and raves in that city.
Even though I hoped that Jasmine would get swallowed up by some black hole and shot into another galaxy, of course, we wouldn't be so lucky. As soon as she was able to free herself from all of the tubes and round the clock nurses they had watching her crazy ass, the chick started doing her vlogs again.
They were posted everywhere, and try as I might to ignore them, ten emails were sent to me. Since I couldn't escape Jasmine's nagging, I decided to watch them with my girls. I needed an easy, laid back atmosphere to handle what I just knew was going to be some ol' other bullshit from Jasmine.
I got a surprise, though. When I pressed play, instead of Jasmine's spaced out looking face, it was her mom's face we saw.
"Who's that?"Unique wanted to know.
"That's Jasmine's mother." I replied.
"Oh, really?" Unique scooted closer to the screen and fixed an evil glare at the screen, as if Robin could see her.
If looks could kill, I'm pretty sure that my screen would have blown up by now. I had told them all about Robin's and my first conversation, and I knew they were all heated over it.
Robin started off by introducing herself and what she did next let me know that Jasmine hadn't been raised by wolves after all. Robin took a deep breath, but before she could speak, she covered her face with her hands and began to cry. Through her muffled sobs, she uttered an apology. At first, I thought that she meant it in general, but then she said my name.
"Essence DuRay, if you're watching this, I just want you to know how sorry I really am, for everything that I said, and especially for everything that Jasmine ever did to you."
My jaw almost dropped off my face. What made her sudddenly decide that I was owed an apology?
Robin stopped speaking for a moment so that she could compose herself. Someone sitting to the left of Robin reached over and gave her shoulder a squeeze for moral support and for a few seconds the camera caught a glimpse of Miss April's face. She quickly moved back out of view, and Robin continued talking.
"I mean that apology with all of my heart. I love my daughter, but I never knew that she had been doing so much evil."
Robin briefly went on to explain that she had been made aware of all or most of the things that Jasmine had been up to for the past weeks. She even threw out an apology to my parents.
"I know how y'all must have felt when y'all found out that Jasmine had done that stuff to Essence and I just want to say I'm sorry."
Robin needed some more time to get herself together. I really didn't know what to say.
When Robin began to speak again, she began to address the public viewers.
"And before y'all all start siding with Jasmine, just know this - that is my daughter and I know her way better than y'all do. She's sick right now, and she needs help. I'ma try my best to make sure that she gets that help, but in the meantime, y'all stop cheering her on. She don't need encouragement. She needs someone to make sure she knows the truth. Her time with Trey is over. The man has moved on, and he needs to be left alone. Tremaine, baby, I'm so sorry. You know we had our past, but that was then, and I want you to know that none of this is your fault. I love you, baby. Gimme a call, okay?"
Robin wiped away a tear and a few seconds later, the video stopped.
Talk about me being speechless, I was damn near mute.

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Entry 84 cont'd
I purposely avoided looking at them as Charles led us over to the front desk. While Charles settled things with the desk agent, he quietly finished the story.
He said that when they got into the lobby, they saw Mel dragging Kelli across the floor like it was nothing. He said that everyone in the lobby had heard the commotion, so all eyes were on them. He said that at first, Kelli's ex had been standing off to the side, talking with some other guys and at first, he'd just watched what Mel was doing. Then he waited for them to walk past him, and then he snuck up behind them and did this crazy elbow blow to Mel's shoulder blade. When Mel went down in pain, he let go of Kelli.
"Those other dudes must have been detectives, because they closed in on Mel and arrested him." Charles said.
He told us that in the meantime, Kelli's ex was standing there with his arms open to her, but she just looked as if she wanted to back away from him. Charles said that Trey had started to go over to them, but Eric had stopped him.
That news got under my skin a little bit. Why was he still trying to rescue Kelli when I was up on that balcony? Wasn't he worried about me getting hurt?
Charles told us that a few seconds later, Chrissy and Kenny came out of the elevator with the other one of Mel's guys.
"He looked like he was in pain, and when they tried to put the cuffs on him, he told them that his arm was broken." Charles said.
"It's nice to know that everybody was safe and sound down here, while we were upstairs scared out of our minds." I said.
Charles said that just as Trey was asking Chrissy about me, the LAPD walked in. He told Chrissy and Eric to leave before the cops started asking questions.
He said that Trey told his cousin and best friend to go back up and get their stuff out of the room, then Kenny escorted Trey out of the hotel so that he wouldn't be questioned, but they left through another exit, since reporters were there, too.
"That's why I came up to get you two." Charles put a protective arm around me, and began to walk me toward the exit. Trey's assistant was right by our side. He walked us over to a different truck than the one we'd been using, and I was surprised to find not only Trey inside, but Daddy and Lia Turner, our attorney, as well. Chrissy was in the driver's seat, with Kenny beside her in the passenger's seat. We sped away from the hotel immediately.

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Entry 84 cont'd
"Chrissy stood her ground, though. She told Trey that she wasn't letting him out of the room, then when we heard the gun shots, she damn near threw him down on the floor, then she tackled me on the balcony. She even almost threatened me!" I said, exaggerating, of course.
Charles looked shocked. "She did?" Was all that he could say.
"Not really." I admitted. "But she was doing her job, and I've never seen her so serious about it."
"Yeah, Chrissy's my girl from way back. She guarded your father once when he was in Florida. She's a pretty tough cookie when she has to be. That's why your father picked her for this job."
"And she was probably mad as hell at Trey for running out of the room." Trey's assistant added.
"Well, who started shooting?" I asked Charles.
Charles looked puzzled for a second. "Nobody was shooting."
"Well, we heard gunshots, right?" I said to Trey's assistant. She nodded.
"Oh, y'all heard the fireworks these stupid kids down the hall set off." Charles replied.
As it turned out, right before Chrissy entered our room, a scuffle broke out between Kenny and one of the goons. Kenny had recognized him as one of his captors. The guy must have been so surprised to see Kenny up and about that he got nervous and couldn't hold his gun straight so Kenny charged at him.
"My man was like, 'Yo, you da one that drugged me?' And it was on! Then like a few seconds later we heard the fireworks going off down the hall, but at first we all thought it was the cops. Mel's dumb ass ran into the hallway with Kelli, and his punk ass friends followed him. That's when Trey came out the room. He ran straight after Mel and Kelli. Me and Eric ran out to cover Trey." Charles told us.
By then, we'd packed everything, and were walking down the corridor to the elevator. Charles showed us the staircase they'd used to chase down Mel and his guys. Surprisingly, they'd made it all the way down to the lobby. He said that Mel had Kelli in a headlock. He said that when they got down to the lobby, Mel and Kelli made it through the door first, while the other guys tried to block our guys from going through the door.
"Now you know that wasn't gonna work." Charles shook his head.
Charles described how he, Trey and Eric pushed past Mel's guys and they got into the lobby just in time to see Mel drag Kelli across the lobby.
"But guess who was down there, though." Charles asked us as we made our descent to the lobby.
"Who?" We both asked.
"That dude that Kelli used to be with." Charles stated.
"Her ex?!" I exclaimed. As if on cue, the doors opened and only a few yards away I saw Kelli standing next to her infamous ex husband.

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@Beauty_NTL Thank you so much. :)

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Entry 84
We're on our way back home now. Trey and I, along with our bodyguards, his assistant and his cousin and best friend are on a private jet, headed straight for New York. According to our pilot, we'll touch ground in about ten minutes.
I can see my hometown with all of it's twinkling lights and all of the buildings reaching up into the sky as if to welcome us back. I missed New York so bad!
Trey is sitting next to me, watching a movie on his iPad. He's laughing and everything. Well, it's good to see that he still has a sense of humor after our whole ordeal in LA.
Oh my gosh! Leaving that hotel made me feel as if I was leaving a piece of my soul there. So much had happened there. And just when I thought that nothing else would surprise me again for a long time, Charles told me what happened while Trey's assistant and I were out on that balcony.
While we packed up all of mine and Trey's things, Trey's assistant ranted about how upset she was at Trey for running out of the room. We were both nervous about something else happening to him. I couldn't even get in touch with him because he'd left his phone in the room, and Kenny wasn't picking up. Trey's cousin answered, but he wouldn't tell us much. He told us that Trey was okay, tho.
Charles said that Mel and three other guys barged into the room, guns out, and they were all wearing shades. Charles said they looked stupid, but he took them seriously because of the guns.
"I don't even know if they were really loaded or not, but you can't tell, and they all looked trigger happy." Charles said.
"So the first thing Mel did was knock over a table lamp, then he ran up on Kelli, pointing his gun at her. She started screaming, My boy, Eric pulled out his gun and pointed it at Mel's head. I kicked the coffee table out of the way and told Chrissy to go and cover you. Kenny pulled out his gun and pointed it at the guy who was standing the closest to him."
"And then he pulled me behind him and told me to go in the next room." Trey's assistant continued.
"Yeah, that's right." Charles agreed. "Then he told you to make sure Trey stayed in here. And I told Chrissy to hold all of y'all down."
"Chrissy was about her shit today. She came in here like, 'Essence, get up! You too, Trey, get out there on the balcony!'" I mimicked the way Chrissy had behaved, exaggerating a little.
Trey's assistant giggled, then she mimicked Trey. "Naw, I'm goin out there. Open the do'."
She had his accent dead on. We all laughed.

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