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Entry 83 cont'd
I heard Kelli suck her teeth and move away from us. I didn't care. I just wanted to stand there with Trey and make out. I didn't care who was watching. All around us I could hear the others all hugging each other and talking about what happened. I didn't want to hear the recap. I had my baby back and all I wanted to do was make sure that he was okay. I took his hand and led him into the bedroom. I tried hard not to smirk as we walked past Kelli. Envy was written all over her face.
Trey closed the door behind us and I pushed him up against it. We continued our kiss. Trey is the best kisser! I didn't want his lips to leave mine. When they did, I wasn't disappointed because they went straight to my neck. The sensations I felt took me to another place and time.
We were back at my place, in New York, making love.
I pretended that the voices we heard in the other room were coming from the TV. All I wanted to do was pretend that this trip had never happened.
Trey must have felt the same way because he didn't stop me from loosening his pants. In one swoop he had me up in his arms and I playfully bit his neck as he carried me to the bed. We didn't undress all the way, but enough clothing was moved to the side. I wanted him so bad.
Just as it was about be really good, we heard the loudest explosion come from the next room.
Trey and I just froze, looking at each other. I heard Kelli screaming. There was the sound of loud, angry male voices and furniture being moved around.
The door to the bedroom flew open. In rushed Trey's assistant and Chrissy. I threw myself on top of Trey in an attempt to hide his nakedness.
Chrissy was all business. She was carrying her gun. She quickly ushered Trey's assistant to the balcony.
"Sorry to interrupt, but Essence, I need you to go out on that balcony. You too, Trey. Get up!" She threw two robes at us and closed the door. She stood guard while we hurriedly fixed our clothes.
We could hear the noise in the next room.

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Entry 83 cont'd
I remember thinking that Kelli should just grow a spine and leave - I know I would have. Then again, I remember how happy Kelli and her ex seemed to be on quite a few occasions. From the way she dressed I could tell that he spared no expense on her. Hate to admit it, but Kelli is very pretty, and no doubt her ex liked to show her off. He just had this crazy jealous streak that reared its ugly head a lot. Now that I know Kelli a little better, I think that she was probably very good at provoking him.
I'll never forget that note she slipped underneath Trey's door. It made so mad that I wanted to beat her senseless, instead, I got her ex to do it. Boy, did I pay for that one! It almost cost me my relationship with Trey.
Thinking about all of that and standing there looking at Kelli sent a wave of shame and guilt over me. I could have gotten that poor girl killed.
Yeah, Kelli is a dingbat, but she's still a human being. I guess what makes me so upset with her is the fact that she's so damn weak.
I watched Eric hold her close and slowly begin to rock her back and forth. Charles wanted to know if she knew if Mel had followed her to the hotel. Even Chrissy looked overly concerned.
Kelli sure knows how to make everybody feel sorry for her. Anger surged through me and I wanted to scream out,
"It's not about you, you weak bitch!" And just as I was going to, the hotel door flew open and Trey and his team all walked in. I was so happy to see him, but it took me a few seconds to come down from my anger and get my feet to move in his direction.
That was all the time it took for Kelli to shake Eric off of her like he was coat that had fleas all on it. She practically pounced on Trey, who looked surprised to see her there.
"Omigosh, you're alright. I was so worried about you!" She cried out.
"Down, Lassie! Go sit!" I ordered as if she were a poodle. I ignored her look of disdain as I slid in between her and Trey. I gave him the longest kiss that I could give.

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Entry 83 cont'd
Kelli said that Trey's team sprang into action immediately. Trey's assistant and his manager began to blast the hospital staff for allowing the media to be there. They made sure that Trey wasn't being mistreated by the police. She said that Kenny began to block the camera's that the journalists were holding. The police had decided to take Trey down the station right away, so within minutes they had my baby cuffed and removed from the hospital. Kelli said that somehow Jasmine had managed to get to the doorway of her room and had called after the arresting officers to let Trey go. Of course, they ignored her. Jasmine then began to cry out for them not to hurt the father of her unborn child.
"Everybody went crazy over that news, but I just left. I wanted to follow Trey. When I got out of the hospital, Trey's assistant told me that I didn't have to go with them. They all drove off in their truck and left me standing there. I had nowhere else to go, that's why I called you."
Kelli's last statement made her seem as lost as a motherless child. I swear I almost went over to give her a hug. Kelli and I had lived in the same building for years and we never had any problems before Trey moved in next door to her.
I remember a few occasions when I'd seen her ex grabbing her a certain way, or threatening her with clenched teeth and menacing eyes. Once, I even stood at the front desk with Stacy and watched the two of them go up to their floor. Kelli's ex hadn't lain a finger on her while they rode up, but as the elevator door opened, he'd grabbed her by her hair and dragged her into the corridor.
At the time, I'd asked Stacy to send a male security guard up to their floor. She told me that there was nothing that security could do once they entered their apartment.
"All they gon' do is make up afterwards anyway. You know how many times they come in here arguing, but the next day, they're together as if nothing had happened?" Stacy had commented shaking her head.

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Entry 83 cont'd
A cloud seemed to pass over Kelli's face and she looked as if she was going to cry again.
"Just take your time." Eric told her. Kelli began to relax and I noticed that she shifted herself so that she was pressed against Eric. He didn't seem to mind at all.
"Jasmine began to yell at me. She called me a traitor and said that I was scheming to get Trey all to myself. Her mom asked me if I was screwing Trey." Kelli took that moment to pause and dab at her eyes again. I felt that she was purposely trying to hold us in suspense. She peeked up at me and I gave her a look that said,"Well?"
She knew what my unspoken question really was and a faint smile played on her lips.
"I just told her mother that whatever there is between me and Trey will remain between me and Trey. It's nobody else's business." She gave me a point blank look, but then she lowered her eyes again and leaned even closer to Eric.
"That's when Mel grabbed me by the back of my neck and excused us from the room. He pushed me against a wall and demanded to know if Trey and I are or have ever been lovers."
"And what did you say?" I stood up and loomed over Kelli.
Chrissy stood up too. She gently pulled me away from Kelli.
"Not now, mami." She said.
"I didn't get a chance to answer him. That's when Trey showed up. He grabbed Mel and they began shoving each other. Trey's bodyguard and hospital security got involved. There was so much commotion going on. The other Journalists began writing and recording what was going on. The nurses started screaming for everyone to quiet down. Trey and Mel kept fighting. Jasmine was screaming for someone to come in and undo her I V tubes so that she could get to Trey. Somehow a medicine cart got knocked over, and that's when the hospital police began to arrest Trey." Kelli said.
"Why didn't they arrest Mel too?" My bodyguards and I all wanted to know.
"Because somehow, he got away. Anyway, all I cared about was what was going to happen to Trey." She said.

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Entry 83 cont'd
Kelli began to explain that right before Trey had arrived at the hospital, a small group of journalists had shown up. They weren't allowed to go into Jasmine's room, but Jasmine's mom had agreed to speak with them in the waiting room down the hall. Kelli had stayed with Jasmine who had been going in and out of consciousness. She said that Mel had managed to sneak in a journalist who claimed to be a friend of Jasmine. He'd also mentioned that he'd just come from doing an interview here with Trey. He told them that he'd overheard Trey say that he was going to come up to the hospital to visit Jasmine.
"That sure seemed to perk up Jasmine. She began to fuss about her face and hair, and she said that she didn't want anyone in the room with them when Trey got there." Kelli said.
"Then her nosey mother came back into the room being all rude and asking all kinds of questions - I swear she's worse than you are, Essence!" I didn't find her little comment to be amusing at all.
"She wanted to know everything." Kelli continued.
"Jasmine began to answer her mom's questions. A lot of the questions had to do with the past, so I really couldn't say anything, but then Jasmine started lying about certain things and I had to say something, but when I did, Mel grabbed my arm and told me to be quiet and let Jasmine talk.
"I didn't want that journalist to go and say things about Trey that aren't true, so I kept interrupting. Then her mom got mad. She even turned to me and demanded to know what the nature of my relationship with Trey is."
Kelli rolled her neck and crossed her arms over her chest. "Now Essence, even you know that there are certain things about me and Trey that I won't even discuss with you and since that journalist guy was in the room with us, I told them that I didn't want to talk about me and Trey."
I wanted to hit her right in the face with a sofa cushion but her story was starting to get a little interesting.
"So what happened with Trey?" I prompted.

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