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I thought that Trey was going to be in New York today (8/20/12) and tomorrow (8/21/12), but I haven't seen any word on a location. Also, is still going to show the "Hail Mary" video?

On: Aug 20, 2012

I did! I wish that he was doing an in store signing near me so that I could get my store bought album signed, and get to see him in person.

On: Aug 20, 2012

Entry 82
It's finally quiet in this room. For the first time since we got Trey and Kenny back, this hotel room just seems like any other hotel room. All of the media people are gone. Trey's whole team, Kenny's family, Trey, even my guards, are all gone. Housekeeping has been in to clean, and you'd never know that only a few hours ago this place was as busy as Grand Central Station.
I had left Trey standing on the balcony, talking to Jasmine's mom, Robin. She didn't want to take no for an answer when he told her that he wouldn't be visiting Jasmine in the hospital. I'd wanted him to curse her out and hang up on the bitch, but of course, Trey has too much history with Robin for him to do that. After listening to their conversation for a few more minutes, I went back inside.
I apologized to everyone who was looking at me like I'd just grown another head. They didn't need to think that I was just as crazy as Jasmine is. I declined to do a separate interview from Trey because I thought it would be best to check with Lia first. Everyone started to clear out of the room shortly after that. When Trey came back into the room, he gave me back my phone and we spoke briefly about the incident with Robin. Trey seemed undaunted by the whole thing. He told me that I didn't have to worry about Robin, or anybody else, for that matter. Trey's manager came over and spoke quietly with Trey for a few moments. The next thing I knew, a meeting was being held in the next room. Of course it had to do with business, so I just sat in here with Chrissy, Charles and Eric until they were done.
When the meeting was over, Trey told me that he would be going to the hospital after all. He said that he wanted to personally see how Jasmine was doing, and that he wanted to speak to her in private. He said that since the media is all over this story, he doesn't want any of the statements that he made to reach her before he does. We all know how things can get twisted when it comes from the media.

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On: Aug 18, 2012

New York!! New York!! Where? What Time? Will there be a Meet &Greet? Oh my gosh I have to see Trey!

On: Aug 13, 2012

Entry 81 cont'd
Chrissy began to come towards me, but I moved away. I saw the looks I was getting from everyone else and I decided to go out onto the terrace. I closed the door to the terrace just as I heard Trey call my name.
When I turned to face him, we were on opposite sides of the glass door. He wanted me to come back inside. He must have thought that I was losing my mind. I know from the way everyone else was peering at us from behind Trey's back, they all thought that I had lost it.
Even though the phone was no longer by my ear, I could still hear Robin's faint screeching on the other end. She didn't even realize that I wasn't listening.
Trey asked me who was I on the phone with. I just shook my head and waved the phone over my head, in a gesture that told him that he could have it. I really wanted to throw it over the balcony and as far into the ocean as I could.
Trey slid open the glass door and stepped out there with me. He took the phone out of my hand and I just walked to the other side of the terrace. I felt a wave of embarrassment flow over me. Trey had been in the middle of doing one of his video interviews. He didn't have time to be out there with me dealing with that crap.
I watched him put the phone to his ear. He made a face as he listened for a few seconds, then he spoke into the phone.
"Hold on a minute, who is this?" He waited a second, then he had to repeat his words. He waited another second, then a slight smile played on his lips.
"This is Robin? For real? Hey, this is Trey." Trey gave me a look that said that he was going to get the situation under control.
I heard Robin shriek Trey's name through the phone. Whatever she said to Trey made him really smile.
"Yes it has been a long time." He said.
I crossed back over to his side of the terrace. I could still hear her loud ass voice, although she sounded ten times happier than she did a few seconds ago.
I heard her tell Trey that he needed to get down to the hospital to see about Jasmine.

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On: Aug 10, 2012
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