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New York!! New York!! Where? What Time? Will there be a Meet &Greet? Oh my gosh I have to see Trey!

On: Aug 13, 2012

Entry 81 cont'd
Chrissy began to come towards me, but I moved away. I saw the looks I was getting from everyone else and I decided to go out onto the terrace. I closed the door to the terrace just as I heard Trey call my name.
When I turned to face him, we were on opposite sides of the glass door. He wanted me to come back inside. He must have thought that I was losing my mind. I know from the way everyone else was peering at us from behind Trey's back, they all thought that I had lost it.
Even though the phone was no longer by my ear, I could still hear Robin's faint screeching on the other end. She didn't even realize that I wasn't listening.
Trey asked me who was I on the phone with. I just shook my head and waved the phone over my head, in a gesture that told him that he could have it. I really wanted to throw it over the balcony and as far into the ocean as I could.
Trey slid open the glass door and stepped out there with me. He took the phone out of my hand and I just walked to the other side of the terrace. I felt a wave of embarrassment flow over me. Trey had been in the middle of doing one of his video interviews. He didn't have time to be out there with me dealing with that crap.
I watched him put the phone to his ear. He made a face as he listened for a few seconds, then he spoke into the phone.
"Hold on a minute, who is this?" He waited a second, then he had to repeat his words. He waited another second, then a slight smile played on his lips.
"This is Robin? For real? Hey, this is Trey." Trey gave me a look that said that he was going to get the situation under control.
I heard Robin shriek Trey's name through the phone. Whatever she said to Trey made him really smile.
"Yes it has been a long time." He said.
I crossed back over to his side of the terrace. I could still hear her loud ass voice, although she sounded ten times happier than she did a few seconds ago.
I heard her tell Trey that he needed to get down to the hospital to see about Jasmine.

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On: Aug 10, 2012

Entry 81 cont'd
Robin was still yelling through the phone, and she was just warming up in her rant.
"So stupid, fighting over a man! If the boy don't want you, he don't want you, plain and simple! You should have known that they were going to get back together eventually. How long did you think she was going to be able to hold out from his advances? A blind man can see that they belong together!" Robin was really on a roll, but what the hell was she talking about?
I blurted out that question to her, then I couldn't help but to laugh. I guess she got even more angry.
"What the hell am I talking about? What the hell am I talking about?!! You know damn well what I'm talking about! Everybody knows that Trey has been trying to get back together with Jasmine for years. He had her out there with him while he was on tour, and he's constantly writing songs about her. You need to just step back and let them be."
Now I know exactly where Jasmine gets her crazy, delusions from - her even crazier ass mother!
I had to set that woman straight on a few things, and I was by no means shy or polite about it. I began to yell just as loud as Robin had yelled, but I could barely get a word in edgewise, because the woman wouldn't shut up. She kept going on and on about Trey and Jasmine's "relationship". She made me so mad when she said that I was desperate and bitter, and that I needed to spend my time and money on better things, instead of chasing Trey all around, trying to get him to come back to me.
"You need to stop taking those drugs your daughter keeps pushing into every one's veins. You don't know what you're talking about, and as far as Trey is concerned - he is MY man! He's going to stay MY man and your bloodhound stalker daughter needs to be locked up in the psych ward in that hospital!"
I know, I know. I totally lost it. If Daddy had been there at that moment, I doubt if he'd have been proud of me. Several people actually stepped out of the other room to look at me.

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On: Aug 10, 2012

Entry 81 cont'd
Oh my gosh! Was she serious? Jasmine must have lost a lot of blood to her brain. Did she really think that the police would believe her crazy version of events?
Before I could say anything else to Kelli, I heard her murmuring to someone else in the background. I heard her say my first and last names. A second later, I heard another voice on the line.
"Hello, is this Essence?" A female voice asked me. She had a southern accent.
"Yes this is she, who may I ask, wants to know?" I spoke politely.
"This is Jasmine's mother, Robin."
I got mixed emotions right on the spot.
First of all, I didn't like the coldness in the tone of her voice. It made me want to return the attitude immediately. But I caught myself. Of course Jasmine's mother would use that tone of voice with me. She'd probably be shooting me dirty looks if she could see me through the phone. Even though we'd never met before, she had every right to be downright angry with me. I decided to take the mature route for that conversation.
"Are you there?" I heard Robin's voice in my ear.
"Yes I'm here, uh, ma'am." I said.
"You don't have to be all polite over the phone. I heard all about what's been going on between you and my daughter. Let me tell you something, just because you have all that money and fancy lawyers, it don't mean you can't face the punishment of the law."
Was that chick trying to threaten me?
"Excuse me miss, but before you jump to judgement about me, it seems as if you should get a few of your facts straight. If you know anything about what's been going on between Jasmine and me, then you'll know that Jasmine is the cause of it all."
'Don't you dare speak about my daughter like that. Especially not since you tried to kill her. You crossed the line right there!" Robin's voice shot up in volume and I actually took the phone away from my ear and stared at it.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chrissy give me a curious look. I put the phone back up to my ear and rolled my eyes.

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On: Aug 10, 2012

Entry 81 cont'd
I didn't like not knowing, so when the interview was over, I called the hospital to check on Jasmine's status. I was transferred to her room, where surprisingly, Kelli answered the phone.
She didn't seem surprised to hear that it was me on the phone. I told her that I had called to find out whether Jasmine was going to live or not.
"Yeah, she's going to live. She lost a lot of blood, but she got a transfusion. She's sleeping now, but the police were here to talk to her a little while ago." Kelli said.
I asked her if she'd been with Jasmine all night, and she told me that she had. She told me that Mel had been there too.
"Why isn't he in jail?" I asked her. I know the tone of my voice told her how I felt. Her tone changed as well and she answered back.
"He didn't do anything, Essence. He was actually trying to help Kenny, that's why he sent me over to that house with the food. This was all Jasmine's doing. She had to blackmail Mel in order to get him to help her."
"Blackmail him? How?" I wanted to know.
Kelli used her ill placed loyalty and told me that I didn't need to know everything. She even told me that I was lucky that Jasmine hadn't died because I would have been charged with murder. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could I be charged with anything? I had acted in self defense. I told Kelli that Jasmine was lucky that I wasn't pressing charges against her - yet.
"Well according to what Jasmine told the police, it was she who had acted in self defense. She even told them that you got onto the property illegally and attacked her for no reason." Kelli said.
I almost laughed. How could she get anyone to believe that story?
"Trey was right there. He's my witness." I told her.
"Jasmine told the police that Trey wasn't in the house when the two of you fought. She said that if you tell them anything other than what she says happened, it's because you're Trey's jealous, jilted ex, and you're hell bent on revenge against her." Kelli said.

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On: Aug 10, 2012
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