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Entry 81
By the time I got back from Chrissy's room, Trey's phone interviews were going in full swing. I sat in while Trey spoke to radio station after radio station. Kenny was interviewed as well. They told as much of their story as was advised for them to tell. Trey and Kenny got a lot of sympathy and love from the DJ's and fans. After one of the interviews, Trey's assistant showed him his Angels website. There were videos of Trey's best supporters and they were all showing their love for Trey and Kenny. One video even showed a group of Angels, huddled outside of the hospital Trey had stayed in. They had signs, candles, and gifts, and they said prayers for Trey, and played his songs as a sign of love and support. One girl even cried and begged a doctor who happened to be leaving the hospital for information on Trey's condition. The embarassed MD told them that he wasn't assigned to Trey.
Towards the end of the video, the girls were all cheering and smiling. They hugged each other and a male nurse who told them that Trey was doing well and that he was expected to make a full recovery.
I could see the emotion all over Trey's face as he watched each video. He was really touched by their feelings toward him.
He mentioned the website in his next interview and he thanked his fans for their love and support. He told them that he loved them back and that he appreciated them all to the fullest. He also urged them to go to their local hospitals and show that same love and support to some of the less fortunate patients.
I was surprised at one point when one of the DJs asked me for my imput. Trey held my hand and I expressed how I'd felt during the time we couldn't find Trey and Kenny. I had been advised by Trey's attorney not to give much detail about Jasmine's part in the whole ordeal. I wasn't supposed to say anything that Jasmine could use against us as slander. I did as I was told. I was asked if I knew how Jasmine was doing.
"I don't know." I answered.

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On: Aug 10, 2012

Entry 80
Will Trey and I ever get to go away and have a good time like normal people do? Will we ever get to go someplace and just be able to enjoy ourselves without all of the extra drama? I'm starting to think that the odds are against that happening.
After we left the hospital last night, everyone just decided to call it a night. We all went to our rooms and for the most part, Trey and I just sulked around in ours.
We were happy to have everybody back healthy and safe, but the mood in the air just wasn't quite right. After showering, we just closed the door to the balcony, closed the curtains and spent the night in almost total silence.
I took an extra long shower on purpose, savoring the chance to scrub off the grime of the day. When I got out of the bathroom, Trey was laying on the bed in his underwear. I decided to just wear my robe. He let me give him a rub down, but after a while, it was obvious that things weren't going to progress from there, not that my heart would have been in it anyway.
My thoughts kept going back to Jasmine and that video. This is the one time that I can say that Jasmine had some truth to her craziness.
While we were at the hospital, I told Trey about the video. He took a glimpse at it, but he didn't want to watch the whole thing. After that, his mood went slowly but surely downhill. I don't blame him. Who wouldn't be depressed after finding out that they'd slept with Jasmine?
Trey told me that he didn't want to talk about what could have gone on with Jasmine in that room. I wanted to try and comfort him, but what could I say that would make him feel better? I remember how bad I'd felt after what happened in Chicago. When I thought that I'd been running around, having unprotected sex with different men, Trey had been my rock. He was the one who had given me assurance and I probably would have gone crazy from guilt if it hadn't been for him. For some reason, I'm not as good with soothing him with my words. It was killing me because I didn't know what to say to make him feel better.
I was left to wonder about what thoughts could have been running through his mind. I know that they couldn't have been pleasant thoughts. Every once in a while I'd catch him staring off into space, with this look on his face. He looked liked he wanted to murder someone.
Even though Trey is a man, in my opinion, he had been taken advantage of sexually. Most men probably don't want to call it rape, but what else could you call it? If he were a woman, he could report the incident and Jasmine's sick ass would be in jail.
I wondered if he would report the incident, but I was afraid to ask him at that moment. The silence between us began to stifle me, so I fixed both of us a drink. When we finished those, I fixed another. By the third drink, I just brought the bottles to the bed. After awhile, Trey felt relaxed enough to talk. He spoke about getting back to work and he wondered what the video that he and Nicki had just done would look like.
I listened to him talk and I didn't mention one thing about Jasmine or our crazy day. I don't remember falling asleep, but Trey was up before me this morning. Breakfast was already here and Trey was showering. I noticed that his assistant had written a schedule on his tablet. It looks as if he's going to be talking to several radio stations over the next hour or two.
Miss April came in to say goodbye to us because Trey's younger brother is having an event at his school this evening. Trey's manager and his stylist are on their way over here. Trey has two video interviews to do, too.
It seems like things are back to business as usual, except, the buzz is all about what's been going on out here in LA. Talk about living under a rock! How the hell did I miss the fact that with social media being what it is, half the world is privy to what's going on in a celebrity's life almost as quickly as it happens?
I've been right here, living this nightmare of a time out here, and I've been totally oblivious about the outside world and what everyone else may be hearing or seeing. I mean all of that out there was just fuzzy, like a blur, and all that I've ben totally focused on was Trey himself.
Hell, it's been like that for all of us. With the exception of Trey's manager, his assistant, and C. Nicole his PR girl, this whole camp has been out of the loop, and a lot has happened.
Aside from the blogs talking about what they think has been going on, there is also the news media that keep running the story about the R&B heartthrob who had been on the scene where two young ladies were caught up in separate altercations at the home of a wealthy businessman.
News about Trey's and Kenny's disappearances had been streamed across the screen while the news was on.
BET hinted at the possibility of an exclusive interview as soon as the word was given, and we all totally missed the segment on 106 & Park where Terrence and Rocsi announced their well wishes to us all for our dilemma.
My name has been kept out of the press and I know that Daddy has everything to do with that. In a way I'm grateful for that, but then again, I don't want to give any credit to Nosey Ms. Rosey's claim that I just totally abandoned my baby in his time of need. At last on the news they had footage of me by Trey's side at the Mexican restaurant and at Missy's grandfather's house.
I have to get dressed. Since it's getting kind of crowded in here, I'm going to see if I can use Chrissy's room.

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On: May 21, 2012

I apologize for the long pause. My life is ridiculous right now. Thanks for your concern @ The Shy Scorpio.

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Entry 79 cont'd
I could see Trey moving around on the bed in the background. He was mumbling something, and I think I heard him say something about the video he'd just shot with Nicki Minaj.
Jasmine heard him too and made a comment on the rumor about Nicki and Trey. She made a face and said that she wanted to set the record straight about the two of them. She declared that Nicki was only into girls and that not even Trey's amazing dick would ever penetrate those walls. She looked behind her at Trey, then she leaned in closer to the camera. She lowered her voice.
"Truth be told, even though I'm back with Trey, and I will never cheat on him, I'd do Nicki in a heartbeat. Y'all hear me? That bitch is bad! But I'd only do it if Trey was right there, watching. He likes stuff like that." She looked over her shoulder again before she continued.
"I know I told y'all that Trey likes to cheat and all, but that's alright with me because he ONLY LOVES ME!" She raised her voice on that last part and patted her chest for emphasis.
"I don't care if he has a jumpoff here or there. Every man needs their dick sucked and Trey shouldn't have to suffer if I'm not there with him when he's on tour. But you better know this - you scallywag basic bitches don't have shit on me! Trey is mine now and he forever will be. Get used to it, hoes. I'm especially talking to you, Essence! You know what? I'll even say this - since you can't stay off his dick - Essence - then I'll let you have a little taste of him every once in a while. I know you can't believe he's here with me, but he is. Oh yeah, and that little bun in the oven is going to have a sibling real soon. Trey wants everything we had back and our baby is first on the list."
Trey began to move restlessly on the bed in the back ground. Jasmine hastily turned the camera away from that line of vision and said that she had to go. The video ended abruptly.
It took a few minutes for me to get over the anger I felt over her calling me out like that. She thought that she could humiliate me? Well that stupid bitch is somewhere in this hospital, probably hooked up to tubes and detoxing, while Trey is right here with me. If she's alert right now, I know she's mad!

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Entry 79 cont'd
It wasn't easy for me to watch the rest of the video, but I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen. There was MY baby. My sweet sweet baby that had been missing without a trace. He was there, asleep - or at least that's what it appeared to be. Jasmine walked over to him and began to caress his arm. She ran her fingers over the lines of his tat, then she raised her own arm and gently laid it next to his to reveal the same tattoo on her skin.
"Mine can come off, though. Trey did this for me early this morning, right after he asked me to marry him."
I can't stand the thought of Trey being alone with that maniac while we had all been out of our minds, frantically searching for him. Yet, the thought that he'd been moving around, in a seemingly normal state, instead of chained up in a stuffy garage somewhere, did make me feel a tiny bit better.
Jasmine began to nudge Trey, in the video, and she asked him if he was hungry.
Trey's sleepy voice answered that he just wanted something to drink. Jasmine told him that she would get him something. She hopped back over to the camera and leaned too close to the lens. You could see the remnants of some kind of white powder under her nose, and there was a faint trace of lipstick on her teeth. Jasmine giggled as she used a finger to wipe off the powder, then she ran the same finger across her gums. She sniffed loudly as she tried to fix her hair, with no success.
"I have to go, y'all. I don't waste time when my man needs something. Y'all know that's Trey, right? Yuuup!" I hate it when she does that. Sounding like a parrot with the hiccups.
"I didn't show his face because Trey is a very private person and y'all know all the gossip sites are going to be all over this."
She leaned back from the camera. She held her arms over her head and stretched, a dreamy look on her face.
"Oh, I wish y'all coulda seen him in motion. He did this move that we used to do that really had me screaming in herre! Y'all just don't know!"

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