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I apologize for the long pause. My life is ridiculous right now. Thanks for your concern @ The Shy Scorpio.

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On: May 19, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
I could see Trey moving around on the bed in the background. He was mumbling something, and I think I heard him say something about the video he'd just shot with Nicki Minaj.
Jasmine heard him too and made a comment on the rumor about Nicki and Trey. She made a face and said that she wanted to set the record straight about the two of them. She declared that Nicki was only into girls and that not even Trey's amazing dick would ever penetrate those walls. She looked behind her at Trey, then she leaned in closer to the camera. She lowered her voice.
"Truth be told, even though I'm back with Trey, and I will never cheat on him, I'd do Nicki in a heartbeat. Y'all hear me? That bitch is bad! But I'd only do it if Trey was right there, watching. He likes stuff like that." She looked over her shoulder again before she continued.
"I know I told y'all that Trey likes to cheat and all, but that's alright with me because he ONLY LOVES ME!" She raised her voice on that last part and patted her chest for emphasis.
"I don't care if he has a jumpoff here or there. Every man needs their dick sucked and Trey shouldn't have to suffer if I'm not there with him when he's on tour. But you better know this - you scallywag basic bitches don't have shit on me! Trey is mine now and he forever will be. Get used to it, hoes. I'm especially talking to you, Essence! You know what? I'll even say this - since you can't stay off his dick - Essence - then I'll let you have a little taste of him every once in a while. I know you can't believe he's here with me, but he is. Oh yeah, and that little bun in the oven is going to have a sibling real soon. Trey wants everything we had back and our baby is first on the list."
Trey began to move restlessly on the bed in the back ground. Jasmine hastily turned the camera away from that line of vision and said that she had to go. The video ended abruptly.
It took a few minutes for me to get over the anger I felt over her calling me out like that. She thought that she could humiliate me? Well that stupid bitch is somewhere in this hospital, probably hooked up to tubes and detoxing, while Trey is right here with me. If she's alert right now, I know she's mad!

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On: Apr 28, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
It wasn't easy for me to watch the rest of the video, but I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen. There was MY baby. My sweet sweet baby that had been missing without a trace. He was there, asleep - or at least that's what it appeared to be. Jasmine walked over to him and began to caress his arm. She ran her fingers over the lines of his tat, then she raised her own arm and gently laid it next to his to reveal the same tattoo on her skin.
"Mine can come off, though. Trey did this for me early this morning, right after he asked me to marry him."
I can't stand the thought of Trey being alone with that maniac while we had all been out of our minds, frantically searching for him. Yet, the thought that he'd been moving around, in a seemingly normal state, instead of chained up in a stuffy garage somewhere, did make me feel a tiny bit better.
Jasmine began to nudge Trey, in the video, and she asked him if he was hungry.
Trey's sleepy voice answered that he just wanted something to drink. Jasmine told him that she would get him something. She hopped back over to the camera and leaned too close to the lens. You could see the remnants of some kind of white powder under her nose, and there was a faint trace of lipstick on her teeth. Jasmine giggled as she used a finger to wipe off the powder, then she ran the same finger across her gums. She sniffed loudly as she tried to fix her hair, with no success.
"I have to go, y'all. I don't waste time when my man needs something. Y'all know that's Trey, right? Yuuup!" I hate it when she does that. Sounding like a parrot with the hiccups.
"I didn't show his face because Trey is a very private person and y'all know all the gossip sites are going to be all over this."
She leaned back from the camera. She held her arms over her head and stretched, a dreamy look on her face.
"Oh, I wish y'all coulda seen him in motion. He did this move that we used to do that really had me screaming in herre! Y'all just don't know!"

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On: Apr 25, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
She posted several pics of us while we'd been going from club to club looking for Trey. There was also a pic of a couple who were exiting a club together. There were a lot of people around them, but you could still make out their heads from behind. There was a circle around the two with a caption that read, Jasmine and Trey.
That's when it dawned on me that Jasmine is Nosey Ms. Rosey's source. She has to be. How else is she able to get so much personal information about all of us, and yet, know how to put just the right spin on things to suit her own twisted point of view?
I told Daddy to ask his P I guy to look for a connection between Jasmine and the little girl in Mississippi. I know that I'm not wrong about this.
Meanwhile, I went to Jasmine's video blog and I saw exactly what Tiffany had meant when she'd said it was creepy.
There was Jasmine, all dolled up in a coke induced sort of way. Her hair was mussed up and her makeup looked faded out. Her eyes were damn near popping out of her head, they were open so wide. She had this Joker - style grin on her face, and she spoke as if she were halfway in a trance.
She sighed as she described what had been the best sex she'd ever had. She kept saying that it had been even better than before, and that she was looking forward to going another round as soon as her partner awoke.
"Shhh! Look..." Jasmine held a finger up to her lips and beckoned to the camera as if to say, 'follow me." She turned the camera towards the background, and there you could see a male figure as he lay sleeping.
I gasped as I recognized Trey's form on the bed. I know my man anywhere, and yes, that was definitely him in that bed.
She zoomed the focus in closer for a better look at him, but thankfully, she didn't let the camera show his face. I'm glad she had the decency to cover him up too, but his arm was showing, and there was no mistaking the tattoo that showed.
"There goes my baby..." Jasmine sang and grinned maniacally.

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Apr 25, 2012

Entry 79 cont'd
She told me that everybody and their mothers were talking about Trey hooking up with Nicki. She said that the video of the girl sliding down the pole at the restaurant had gone viral. I didn't even know that there was a video out there. Then Tiffany told me that Jasmine had also put out a video.
"It's all creepy and shit. She looks straight up crazy, too. She's all high in the video and she kept moving the camera over to her bed where some guy was sleeping. She had the nerve to say that the guy was Trey and -"
Tiffany was interrupted by Ma. I heard her tell Tiffany not to bother me with such nonsense. She told me not to pay any attention to the garbage on the internet. I told her that I hadn't seen or heard about anything on the internet.
I made it my business to go straight to the blogs when I got off the phone though. I Googled Trey's name and all kinds of updates popped up. Nosey Ms. Rosey's blog was the first one I read.
As usual, she seemed to know way too much about the situation, and didn't have any qualms about putting it all out there.
For one, she had been posting about Kenny's disappearance since the day after he and Trey didn't go back to our hotel. She had all kinds of bullshit to say about all of us and she even had the nerve to ask why no one seemed to notice that Kenny, Trey's faithful shadow, is what the bitch actually called him, was MIA while Trey was out gallivanting with his "true love" Jasmine.
There was a link that led to a grainy video of a couple, supposedly Trey and Jasmine, at a gas station. The couple joked around and ate skittles while they pumped gas into a car.
I'll admit that the couple did resemble the two of them, but I just clicked off of the video.
Another link led to a pic of one of Kenny's family members holding one of the fliers we had printed out for Kenny.
Nosey Ms Rosey wanted to know if it was right that we were out at local clubs, seemingly not to be too worried about the situation. The nerve of her!

Replied To: The Stalker Diaries 2 ()
On: Apr 25, 2012
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