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I'm struggling to find the flow of this album... I like most of it, but I feel that its lacking the flow of Chapter V, even though it must be a reason for it. Like why Foreign Remix is on the Cd only 6 songs later when it could have been a bonus track or replaced entirely with Serial or Sneaky, which I like much more.. <3

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On: Jul 02, 2014
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Specially sweet Baltimore Scorpio. Loves of my life are music and cooking. I don't get dragged into the drama of "Who loves Trey more..." I love his music & how it makes me feel especially when I'm with my boyfriend & how it sets the mood. Thanks Trey. Lol
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I've been listening to TRIGGA all day & I'm struggling to find the flow of the music... Chapter V has a flow through the songs that this is lacking. Like the Foreign Remix could have been one of the Bonus Tracks. I'm thinking like Cake, Foreign, Nana, All We Do, Late Night, Disrespectful, Dead Wrong, Sneaky, Smart Phones, Y.A.S, Yes No Maybe, Change Your Mind, Touchin Lovin, Whats Best For You and end on Mr. Steal Your Girl is back.. :)
Then the bonus tracks... etc... But its just not flowing like I'm used to Trey's music flowing into the next song. Foreign Remix and then Love Around the world, Hard to walk away, Serial, I know...
I know I'm over thinking it because I adore MOST of these songs. I know it had to be a reason for them to be lined up like this... <3

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I'm SOOOO MAD I got the e-mail at 6:54 PM after I already brought the CD that if I had brought the CD at DTLR in White Marsh I could have gotten a bracelet to actually MEET Trey Songz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure its across town, but I would have made that trek to get a chance to see Trey! So upset right now. Literally in tears. :(