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Why is pre order only available for itunes? What's about those of us whom have android phone's lol I wanna support Trey and can't until July 1? #notanhappyangel

Replied To: Pre-Order TRIGGA on iTunes! (Blog)
On: May 13, 2014

Is there not an email address or somebody we can have look into this issue with the presale tickets? I know Trey has a lot going on right now but I think we should have someone whom was in charge of his Angels who can look into issues like this.

On: Oct 25, 2012

I live in Arkansas so I have to travel to aee Trey. I plan on going to Dallas and I have to keep loggin in on and ticketmaster daily to see if the ticket have been listed as on sale or when they will go on sale. I dont like this process. It dosent seem like I had this issue last year.

On: Oct 25, 2012

Didnt the tickets go on sale this morning at 10? Why was no email sent with the info? It makes it harder for Angels to get first grabs on tickets because other venues also have presale for this concert.

On: Oct 25, 2012

The concert at the Verzion Theatre in Dallas on Dec 30th is like that as well. They dont even have him as having a concert there at all on their website... Not sure whats going on with that... It really sucks because we have no one to ask and I know i based where i live on the dallas concert and will be UPSET if they arent having a concert there and I missed other opportunties to go someone else and get good seats :(

On: Oct 23, 2012
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