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it is good to have a man the act like a man should act. thank you for doing that, cause we don't have a lot of them out there that show that good of a black man, and that when have some good black men out here. so keep doing what you are doing man. be bless and all ways love life, cause life is not own but to live it. i had to find that out the hard way, will i found out that i have a illness that call AVM, and that is when your vain in your body grow and get bigger and bigger that will kill me in any day, doctor know about the illness and don't know how to fix it all they doing is stoping it from leaking and kill me.i know that ever day i see is a good one, and that God have me in his hand, and the day come i know that it is the time for me. so now i just try to help any body that come my way day by day. i say that to say love life and keep your family with you in your heart. i'm older then you and still look up to you. cause what you doing in life and the way you walk in life.

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On: Dec 27, 2011
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