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I sent an email to you :)

On: Oct 24, 2012

Hope I win the one for College Pk GA! Good luck everyone :)

On: Aug 23, 2012

Hi I noticed you're in Augusta as well. If your interested in going to the in store cd signing this 8/25 please leave me a message. I'm looking for a fan who is willing to split gas costs with me. Thanks!

On: Aug 23, 2012

I also forgot to mention this would be the first time getting to get his autograph in person (I also attended a concert in 2010 but didn't get to meet him)

On: Aug 15, 2012

I was wondering if I did a pre-order for one of the collector's packs and is interested in going to one of the in store CD signings, is there a way we will be able to "skip the line?" Thanks!

On: Aug 15, 2012
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Made in 1983 born in upstate South Carolina but currently residing in GA. I love all things Trey Songz!!
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