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Replied To: ANGEL IDENTITY (Blog)
On: Mar 12, 2011

where is my trey angel shirt ?!??!? and dog pendant?? i paid for this since sept. 18 when i joined and i havent recieved it yet ! its been more than a month!! where are my stuff ???

Replied To: We Want to Hear from You! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 22, 2010
On: Oct 01, 2010

i never met trey cuz he dont wanna come to the virgin islands =( and i cant afford to go to the states ryt now =(

Replied To: Up Close and Personal (Forum topic)
On: Sep 20, 2010
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name :: bri 'anna age :: 19 yrs yung ! I AM :: T A K E N :: i live in front a camera, love taking pics ! :: carribean, west indian, from the islands ! :: known as the #ExultantAngel :: pretty nice to everyone i come across :: not a hater yet i love em in a krazy way :: infatuated with Trey :: inspired by Rihanna :: motivated by Nicki :: tha reason these bitches yellin "fuck her" < point _ .> for those who like me, raise ur hands. for those who dont raise ur standard. i think yu stand under me if u dnt understand me ! && if yu dnt look like wut yu see here, move tha f*ck on. Queen♕
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U.S. Virgin Islands
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