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March 11
March 4

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I live, breath, dream, and smell T.A.N <3333333333
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thank you so much ! i was scared cause i was like " what ? i thought that the shirt and stuff came with it to " lol . i hope it comes earlier you know? cause today i received a leader from the company talking about the anniversary of the angels and a pin with the you know logo on it and it's gold. did you receive one?

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hi trey just want to tell you that i really love you and hope you the best........ and keep up your good work

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It may take up to several weeks for your welcome package (tshirt, dog tag, letter) to come in the mail. Some girls have said they had to wait months =( I hope it comes soon for you though! If not, email and they will let u know when it will arrive = Good luck Angel!

FeeninForThatTreyLove's picture

lls .

i know me too ! i wonder if he came out when we left ? -___ -

lol . but that's cool . how long have you been a treys angel ? i know i have been a fan for a while , but i just made a membership .

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hey hey! yup that was me! lol. I wish it was Trey Songz tho but *shrugs* it was still nice! but I'm Brittany nice to meet you :)