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well as for me I wasn't able to get the M&G tickets this time like last time, but I was on the floor last concert and this concert i'm up top because I had got them late. I'm going with my aunt and cousin it's like a early birthday present from her to me (: lol, but at this point I really don't care as long as I see Trey and am there it doesn't matter i'm a true dedicated Angel <333 but I think that you should just do whatever you want if you'd like to do a M&G I would take the chance cos it
's a once a lifetime thing.

On: Dec 07, 2012

oh well I been joined the network when he first released it and where do we order it on the app?

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On: Dec 07, 2012

@XX that's the spirit ! :) and thank you @TADAVIS I sure willllllllllll ! <3 :)

On: Dec 03, 2012

thank you Angel ! and i know that I will at this point I really don't care as long as I see him it doesn't matter to me. and thank you so much I feel better now to know that I still have my chance to get them tomorrow morning :)

On: Dec 02, 2012

@Trey'sAngel1991 where were you sitting at? and Did he pick you from the crowd to come upstage or did he come to you. Congrats by the way (:

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On: Dec 02, 2012
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