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yes she really does . delete her account or something !

Replied To: BlOWN & IRRITATED . (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2012

I loved this story . I think that it fit the song perfect and it felt so real just because it was like a different trey . A ++++++++ ( :

Replied To: Short Story - ME 4 U (Infidelity2) (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2012

@MS.YUUP . RIGHT ? ! that's what i'm saying . if you " HATE " him so much , why do you stay on here like you must want attention ! she's just an attention whore and mad that trey aint fucking her at all . shit if i was trey I would fuck a horse before I fuck her ass ! she's crazy . I don't even believe that you and him hooked up . you know that you still like him too . your one of those fans who like too act like they don't like someone , but yet you know that you have like 10000 's of pictures of him in your room somewhere . Just disrespectful . you need help forreal . Just delete your account for the sake of us all . You need too grow up and act like a grown women forreal and stop trying too put out someone bussiness just cause your mad at that person . I'm like 18 years old and I act way mature than you ever will in your life .

- get help A.S.A.P !

Replied To: that fucking hoe (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2012

Yeah . I understand . I just think that it is very disrespectful to trey and his other fans that she would put his business out there like that . It's just not right .

Replied To: BlOWN & IRRITATED . (Forum topic)
On: Apr 05, 2012

yeah . I am . I just had to get it off of my chest because I know that I wasn't the only one that felt that way .

Replied To: BlOWN & IRRITATED . (Forum topic)
On: Apr 04, 2012
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