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On: Mar 05, 2011
On: Oct 17, 2010
On: Oct 17, 2010
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I'm a loving Wife and a great friend to those who are close to me. Why I love Trey Songz, his music is the best I've heard since R. Kelly. I must be honest I wasn't feeling Trey at first and thought he was just a one hit wonder. But over and over again I kept hearing the buzz on how great his music was. So album by album I started purchasing and listening and I mean really listening to each and every song and every album. It was then that I realized what I had been missing all this time. And the rest is history and that's how I became a Trey Songz, fan. I've been to 3 concerts so far now my next mission is to actually meet Trey, so I can tell him face to face how much I appreciate his music. And of course he's not bad to look at either!!! Luv you Trey and keep up the good work, your on your grind and doing your thing. I wish you much success and happiness.
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@Chnetia/Angel Name GratefulAngel