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Fiona Nicole


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(?_?) You are sexy in many ways :-P I would love to be you age and your wife, I will make sure the house is clean 24/7 Hahaha NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On: Aug 24, 2010

That is absolutily correct, that is true. Because once you become famous you will always be famous no matter what. If you start dating him you will also be famous, but fame is'nt all what you think. You have papirazi 24/7, you have people interviewing you 24/7, you have tours every so often. Some people like all that but I bet it gets annoying after a long time... TRUST. TREY SONGZ Said "That he want a break from it all" on BET: TREY SONGZ:: The Moment. I am not obsessed with TREY, Yeah he is cute and sexy and everything I LOVE HIM FOR HIS TALENT, HE IS A SINGER, AND THATS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT. MOST SINGER HAS GOOD LOOKS BUT TREY HAS IT ALL :D :*

On: Aug 24, 2010
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Fiona Nicole
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I am 17, I Live In United Kingdom, Manchester I love Listening to TREY SONGZ music, Me and My Fiance' Always sing to them. We Always watch TREY on BET - TREY SONGZ: The Moment. My Fiance' Is called Allan, He raps and his rapping name is Swag.S.O. He is really Good. TREY SONGZ should come and preform here in Manchester because I have alot of friends, Also My Fiance' and I who are HUGE fans of TREY... PEACE
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