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ummmmmmmm Does she know or yo side of the bed or in the middle or um One Love LOL

On: Jul 26, 2010

Yuuuup my ring tone is Bed, bath and beyond lol

On: Jul 26, 2010

I would try to act normal but I'd probably would not be able to speak
or I'd just keep smiling at him lol

On: Jun 06, 2010

Same as you really but also his voice and the way he puts meaning into the songs he sings

Replied To: what do u like about trey (Forum topic)
On: Jun 06, 2010
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What can I say? Well obviously I love Bruno other wise I wouldnt be here! If i ever met Bruno Mars I would cry and hug him n l'd never let go.... ever!! I love all 100 + Bruno Mars songs and im forever a Hooligan! <3 If i could i would totally marry Bruno Mars n make him happy and just thinking about him makes me smile so much *kool-aid smile*