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Omg!...I need Trey everday...i seriouslly get upset when i dont listen to his music everyday!....They say the have a trey cure...but i dont want it lol......How is drake hotter then trey songz.....really they need to find another cure lol.....I luv Trey Songz

Replied To: TREY SONGZ CRAZY (Forum topic)
On: Jan 09, 2011

i wanna go to one of his concerts
im 13 n my mom says i shoundnt be listenin to him
but imma go i swear lol

On: Jan 09, 2011

I like both to
I wouldnt compare then tho
Becuz Trey is R&B
Eminem is hip-hop
but i luv both :)

On: Jan 09, 2011
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