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I'm studying to become a pediatric neurosurgeon at the University of the Southern Caribbean. I LOOOOOOOOOVE to read, laugh, talk utter nonsense, people who can make me laugh and talk utter nonsense(lol)....ironically though, I'm moody, love my space, I'm sarcastic as hell and extremely shy (contrary to popular belief). I have issues with showing feelings, but then again that's just one of my many issues. I know I'm a good friend and how to have a good time. I can be a very nice person but I don't underestimate me because I will kick your ass. I'm honest to the point of being brutal (except with feelings). I love music, from classical to hip hop to alternative to gospel and all the in between ones. Benjamin Carson is my mentor/idol. Grey's Anatomy and NCIS are my favorite tv shows. I have one sister, Dionne, a brother, Kevin, and they're both older than me. I'm tall-ish, dark, have brown almond-shaped eyes and 1 dimple that shows up infrequently, people tell me I have a nice smile....