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Name: Amanda Terrell
Twitter: @FoxyClassy0629
State: Augusta, Ga
Angel Name: #ClassyAngel

On: Nov 06, 2010

@ SShorty

I don't see the humor in my post but okay. And just saying yes is not answering anything but go ahead and play your little games, don't really care anymore.

Replied To: TREY'S BEDROOM SKILLS (Forum topic)
On: Nov 04, 2010

Yea I saw this like....5 months ago its been up there for awhile though

Replied To: How Many Angels seen THIS!!!???!!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 03, 2010


Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 29, 2010

@ Fans and Angels

Ladies please hold on to your class, sophistication, and maturity. And for those who have, much love to ya. This child must seriously have nothing better to do in her life than down this truely amazing man. Success truely does attract the most ignorant and foolish of people and all she is trying to do is get attention.

@ SShorty

Why does it matter what YOU would rate Trey? We don't care if you slept with him or what. Is that going to stop his TRUE fans from loving him or his music? No. So what was your purpose for this? Are you bitter that he doesn't want you (if you really did sleep with him)? Are you jealous he's successful and you not so you spend your days trashing him? Are you mad he's not following you on twitter? Or do you just want some attention? Seriously what is it?

REAL LADIES don't act trashy, telling/implying their sexual experiences nor downing the person they had it with in public. Regain some class and maturity please.

And since you have Aaliyah's picture up and say she was truely an Angel please respect her and her legacy by not spitting blasphemy. Better yet, strive to be like her. Enough with the foolishness already.

Replied To: TREY'S BEDROOM SKILLS (Forum topic)
On: Oct 28, 2010
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