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I'm Karyssa. I'm 15 years old, & I've been listening to your music since I figured out what real music is. I'm so happy you're giving your Canadian fans this opportunity. I appreciate it greatly, expressing how I feel towards an artist I adore & look up to as much as you & letting them know exactly why I idolize them so much is what I've always wanted to do. Well, Trey, to start off, I love what you do, & why you do it. Not just for money & fame but for the enjoyment & love of music itself. It inspires me to be the best I can be, & not only to impress others, but to impress myself as well. Your music touches my heart, soul & mind all at once. The lyrics embedded in all of your songs are unbelievably meaningful. Your voice is simply amazing, (see what I did there? haha) not only when you're singing your heart out, but when you rap on a track (Look At Me Now, Aston Martin Music) it inspires me just as much. Sometimes I'll hear your music somewhere, rather than through my headphones, & I'll just smile & get goosebumps all over. It makes me so happy knowing that other people enjoy your music as much as I do. I honestly don't have a favourite song by you, but a few that I really love are Last Time, Made to be Together, & Already Taken. I can hear the passion in your voice throughout every song you sing. Aside from your music, based on your tweets & Instagram photo's, you seem so down to earth. I love it. So, before I leave you to read all of these fantastic comments from the people who cherish you more than you'll ever know... I just want to say how absolutely blown away I am by your song Sex Aint Better Than Love. The first time I watched the music video, I cried. Not because of your voice, but because of how beautiful the lyrics are. It explains the actual truth about relationships & reminds me what I really deserve, & what to watch for. The video touches me so deep inside my heart, & you're the one I need to thank for that. So, thank you so much, Trey.

On: Aug 10, 2012
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