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My idea of a Simply Amazing Valentine's day is acknowledging, pampering and being thankful for the man i have in my life that shows me unconditional love 365 days of the year not just for the day, when we both did not believe that love was possible for either of us in our lives 3 years ago. Me having bad relationship after bad relationship due to not having my father in my life to show me how i am suppose to be treasured and my boyfriend losing his 6 and 8 yr old daughters mother to a brain aneurysm that he was with for 10 years widowed at 29 raising two young girls. He is my everything and has found that spot in my soul that i thought did not exist and i don't need any jewelry, flowers, chocolate or candies "JUST HIM", our girls (we are raising them together) and bottle of our favorite wine to enjoy (after we put the girls to sleep) and of course some Trey playing in the background...ILUVMESUMHIM

On: Feb 12, 2013
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New Jersey
United States