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Thank you Ms. Yupp!! seriously I need consoling... im really sad but Ill never stop loving Trey!! :-) I will take into consideration becoming an Angel... But Im gonna keep trying until I get my chance to meet him... All I have is the memory of him waving at me!! at least he waved....:-)

Replied To: Is Trey about his Fans or his Money $$$$ (Forum topic)
On: Nov 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Trey all the best wishes for you today and every other day! I love you!!!!

Replied To: Happy Birthday Trey (Forum topic)
On: Nov 28, 2011

Im not trying to go after Trey at all those are not my intentions at all... I love Trey with all my heart, I was the only one standing back there I swear when I say this is was the only fan there. I was there since the morning and I even spoke with his promoter, everyone was super nice to me I had no issues at all with nobody I didnt tell anyone what I was doing standing there. It was just the way his security came at me that really hurt me and believe me when I say this Nobody was there but me. Im just really hurt that he was so close to me and yet so far all cuz of his security in fact when I asked the security if Trey would randomly stop for fans he said yes he does so I said ok so ill wait maybe he will stop and his security's response was that he is head of security and he wasnt gonna let Trey stop.... I felt so bad and hurt I cried teh entire way home and until today im here at work and I still feel hurt because If I hd 450 to meet him I would have given it up...

Replied To: Is Trey about his Fans or his Money $$$$ (Forum topic)
On: Nov 28, 2011
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