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I'm a laid back kinda girl, in a mixed up kinda world. I believe that time waits for no one. I try to live my life today like there is no tomorrow. I know that sounds cliche' but, it's true. After the passing of one of my sisters a couple of years ago (10/07), I take absolutely nothing for granted. If it's something I need or want, I pray about it, go to work, & try my best to get it. I'm a fun loving, flirty Pisces who enjoys romantic comedies, romance novels (Zane), all slow romantic music (Any & all things Prince, Trey Songz, Maxwell, Eric Benet, Tyrese, ect.). I'll admit it, I am a hopeless romantic. Because I am a hopeless romantic, I feel It's important for a woman to exude a certain amount of sex appeal and confidence within herself at all times. I hope I fit the bill??????????
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