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mz law what do u mean by seating arrangement?

Im goin too OMG i cant wait!!!

Replied To: St Louis Angels!!!! ()
On: Sep 19, 2010

yeah im mad...i seen some better seats =(

On: Sep 16, 2010

paid 234 for 2 tickets

is it 12 noon in yall city? bcus thats what time the Angels pre sale starts...or go to ticketmaster and type in trey songz

On: Sep 16, 2010

I most def will!!!!! I want trey to perform Massage, Unfortunate and Doorbell...he HAVE to perform those LOL!

Replied To: Pre Sale ()
On: Sep 15, 2010

Come to the STL show!!!!..but i do wish i could go to the ATL show

Replied To: Pre Sale ()
On: Sep 15, 2010
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