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Replied To: Trey Songz - One Love (Video)
On: Dec 25, 2009
Replied To: trey songz exclusive pt2 (Video)
On: Dec 04, 2009
Replied To: Trey Songz exclusive pt1 (Video)
On: Dec 04, 2009
On: Nov 03, 2009
Replied To: Gotta Go (Video)
On: Oct 09, 2009
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WELL. iMMA BiG ASS TREY SONGZ FAN. #1 NOT 2 OR 3 JUST #1. i grew up arOUNd people SingiNg and i know a Good Voice wen i HEar iit aND trey iis DA FUCKIN BEST... LOve u TRey BABYY.. ii GOt More TA say But ii liiTE way busyy..