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September 10

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  • This is a picture of my niece, Anna Carol, who has been in and out of the hospital battling several issues stemming from drug residue left behind in her family home.

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December 2, 2010 - I met Trey Songz for the first time, backstage in Detroit. April 15, 2011 - Trey followed me on Twitter. July 3, 2010 - Trey gave me a shoutout at his concert at Universal Studios in Orlando. @MsNewWhooty #SuperbAngel I was an active member of the #ChicagoAngels (You may have seen me in the video taken outside the Chicago Love Faces venue, screaming my head off about the site) but have now moved to South Florida where I continue to rep Trey and the "fam" club whenever and where ever possible.
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