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hey trey,
hehe that rhymed. Ok anyway, i wanted to start off by saying that i'm probably not your biggest number one die hard fan. I recently discovered you and i absolutely fell in love when i heard 'simply amazing'. I liked your other songs like 'bottoms up' (my brother's a big fan of that too), but i really do like your music and it would be amazing to see what you're like and interview you. Also my birthday's on August 27th so it would be like a birthday present from you to me ^_^. I was wondering whether i should enter for this or not because i know so many other girls would probably cry their hearts out if you didn't pick them, but i figured that out of the hundreds of thousands of fans, the probability of me getting picked is low and i'd regret it if i didn't so i decided to put my entry in as well. I hope you do pick someone who you believe from the bottom of your heart deserves it, and good luck to everyone that enters. Oh and i really like your name :)

On: Aug 22, 2012
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United Kingdom