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@numba1hon for starters i would like to say sorry i am late replying back on your last comment to me. my computer has been out of commision for about a year and a half. so enough with the chit chat on to what i had to say. first off you were right i had no right saying that gold diggin is a acceptable habit or way to lead anybodys life. i did mention this discussion to my parents at the time,and my father disagreed with me he told me that marriage is more than business and that the fundamental part of marriage is love. i guess thats what makes the business part so sweet. as for my negative comment about trey songz i was wrong it is obvious he is definitly capable of true love hence the song fumble it is obvious he has met his twinflame. ( what is a twinflame? it is a great universal love it is more than a soul connection it is the other half of your soul or spirit you can only have one twinflame. for those interested in the twinflame relationship google it.) i know thats a lot information but i am a scorpio so i have always been interested in the (occult)meaning knowledge of the hidden.

On: Mar 25, 2013

it seems to me that you are being redundant, as i mentioned before i know what it takes to have a good marriage. as for the subject on trey songz he is most definitely not what i look for in a compatible mate for myself ( i tend not to get along with assholes). so lets definitely take him out of the for being a gold digger i am most definitely that always searching for gold. i think i owe it to myself to have nothing but the cream of the crop.

On: Oct 05, 2011

i am glad to see you ladies are finally taking off your rose colour glasses and seeing trey songz for the asswipe that he really is.

Replied To: i hate u (Forum topic)
On: Oct 05, 2011

you misunderstand where i come from i have grown-up seeing what true marriage is all about with my father and mother both are faithful and loyal to each other and yes they are very much in love with each other there 30 year anniversary is december 19 2011 my twinsister and i were born november 14 1982 and we were 7 month preemies. the shared philosophy from my parents is that marriage is a business, love is a extra. i think love is a beautiful concept when you understand marriage is a for cheating on my future spouse i wouldnt because morally its wrong and its not good for business. ps: both my parents have 4 year degrees they are also business owner. as for my education i have gone to school to be a funeral director/embalmer along with other trades but my most accomplished trade will most definitly be nurse practitioner specializing in midwifery. so as you can see i dont believe in laziness and yes i will be a great asset to any man. what i look for in a mate is his ability to be a good protector this why money is so important its a protection. in turn i will be a good nurture. In closing I have learned this from both my parents my mother is a great nurture to my father and my father is a great protector to my mother and this is what makes a great marriage.

On: Oct 04, 2011

to be honest i would marry him for MONEY and FAME. we all have heard money makes the world go round well its true and besides what good is he without money. some of you need to grow up and get out of the fairytale in your mind.

On: Oct 01, 2011
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