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I am your biggest fan Trey because your music is constantly playing! Your lyrics, beats and vocals together create a blend of music which gets me through times of difficulty and struggle, but also celebrates with me in times of success and happiness! I have been to your concert in Birmingham, England where I qued for hours just to get a good glimpse of you! - Can I just say THE BEST concert I've been to. You're the most talented artist in the industry and your attitude and motivation to be the best you can be sets a role model to the rest of us - As demonstrated in 'My Moment' which I must have watched like 3 times over by now! Haha. To be selected would be the most amazing thing in my life as I'm sure I can learn a great deal from you not only as an artist but as a human being. OH and also because you're just sooooooo damn good looking! ;) Haha!

On: Aug 03, 2012
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United Kingdom