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@PritTbrowniiz - no problem... I will definitely be looking forward to follow your stories, I think that maybe you should suggest to the CLG unit to email out when new stories are available, that way I can keep up...or when you post, you can always let me know so I can see...

Thanks, and the rest of this story (when written lol) will be posted on the if you register you will get an email when each part is posted...

Thank You so much for the support, Keep up the good work!!!!

Replied To: Cant Be Friends (Part 1) (Forum topic)
On: Jun 18, 2011

Thanks Ladies....

@pritTbrowniiz - I will def check it out... you have to check out the original story that goes with this titled LOVE LOST, that way you will understand the history between Serena and Trey....

here is the link to part one...

let me know what you think

Replied To: Cant Be Friends (Part 1) (Forum topic)
On: Jun 18, 2011

Trey Songz - Cant be friends

Check it out

On: Jun 17, 2011

@Michelle Belle - I didnt even know they were cancelled.. I personally dont believe it either... not trying to sound racist, but it seem as if you are of the African Descent, you are incapable of being successful in the eyes of others, I dont believe it

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On: Jun 09, 2011

@cara2012 Red'Winged Angel -- here are the links


There are more, but these are the only 2 I've seen

Replied To: **Disturbing "YouTube" ** (Forum topic)
On: Jun 09, 2011
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