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Replied To: -PLAYTHING-(Story) (Forum topic)
On: Apr 09, 2011

@SShorty... I agree with you on this one... I can not stand when I grow to love a song, and when the video premieres, it pretty much turns me off of the song... I did not like LOVE FACES and being hones, I didnt really like CANT BE FRIENDS either...

I think that songs that tell a story, should show the story in the video... As for love faces, i had to watch it so many times.. and i just didnt get it...

Cant be friends could have been a lot better too...

As far as birthday sex, I liked the video, you could definitely sense the nervousness from Jeremih being as though the video seemed to be his first on screen... but it was dope..

Replied To: THE VIDEO "LOVE FACES" vs "BIRTHDAY SEX" (Forum topic)
On: Apr 08, 2011

@JIMS, the one report states that they sent several cease and desist letters and no response,
so what was taking so long for them to take further actions....

@iamSHEA - from my understanding is the beat was made in the guys studio ... I dont think Trey recorded it there.. but as I was saying they are suing KODAK too, just for using the song... so I believe he is just upset he wasnt mentioned at all...

Replied To: Sued Over "Bottoms Up" (SMH) (Forum topic)
On: Feb 09, 2011

I only read ONE report since I am at work,
I havent gotten to look at other sources, BUT...
the one I read only says that it was recorded in
some basement.. , but Kane Beatz is the only
one mentioned.. I believe that Mr.Kane has a lot
of explaining to do.. AND he should be held
responsible if he shopped the beat around not giving
the whole story...

I feel like he is the one that was being SHADY.. he
could have very well presented the beat like it was his

I dont think Trey or his camp has a problem mentioning
anyone that helps him to be successful...

I understand the guy might feel upset but he needs to direct
his anger in the right direction. 18 million dollars is an
outlandish amount for one song...

I wish Trey would speak...

Replied To: Sued Over "Bottoms Up" (SMH) (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2011

I feel as though they could have sued a long time ago...
Bottoms up was Leaked (intentionally) in July 2010 ...
PPP dropped in September of 2010 ... LONG before the KODAK
commercial and everything...

its now SEVEN months after the initial leak, and ALL of the SUDDEN...
this man remembers that he had a hand in creating the beat?

NO, thats wrong... he should have reported it way back when... I feel
as though they see how much royalty the song has, so they want parts


Replied To: Sued Over "Bottoms Up" (SMH) (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2011
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