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Replied To: Jealous OVER Trey???? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 17, 2010

@S Shorty,
I was waiting for you on this... ((I knew you were coming))

They had floor seats, but the pictures were far back
The were taking pictures of the screen that was
displayed above them in the background,

But yea, hopefully she does become a fan of TREY for REAL

Replied To: Jealous OVER Trey???? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 17, 2010

ALSO, if you are not currently READING Trey on my site

Replied To: Jealous OVER Trey???? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 17, 2010

Thank you ALL for making me feel better
As I said, I knew I could come here and
get it off my chest.

THEY werent even as CLOSE as they made
it seem, SOOOOOOO ((hahaha)) *Evil laugh*

HONESTLY though, I want to see TREY not USHER

BUT seriously, I am over it... the NEXT time
TREY is CLOSE to me!!! IM there

Imma start my TREY SONGZ savings account right NOW
lol..... I am happy you cheered me up though


Replied To: Jealous OVER Trey???? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 17, 2010

@Nalston, that's is kind of sad that you coudnt go
but I am glad that you are not as upset as me.
I just REALLY like him (i know you know how i feel)
and i dont like ppl that are not really TREY fans that
claim to be (not only my sister) He is a nice man, and
he could NEVER be able to tell who is REALLY down
for him. I dont even think he would asked. I just feel
like she is a FRAUD sister or not, and the reason i
wanted to VOICE it, is because I REALLY AM a
FAN of his so that is just a little hurtful

@JIMS, your right, I hope GOD does bless me a
better oppurtunity, I do believe that everything happens
for a reason so i never know. I am not that mad,
but I know when they come back and are talking
about it, I will feel the same hurt. I dont want to be
like "thats not fair" and its really not, but life goes on

I am taking my mind off it though. Im writing PPP 16
so Im still happy ?

Thanks GIRLS, ii knew you would understand

Replied To: Jealous OVER Trey???? (Forum topic)
On: Dec 16, 2010
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