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OMG, I so want to be a part of this, but I know there are not enough people in my town that are TREY's ANGELS.... What should i do or who could i link up with so that I can be INCLUDED!!!!

Replied To: HEY U GUYS I HAVE AN IDEA (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2010

I dont know, I was sure to take the lead with mine...

Replied To: My angel competition!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2010

Kanye Who? oh, that guy... The Crybaby, mic Stealing, egotistical, arrogant, cocky for nothing, "Now i can sing", annoying jackass of a man,,, Ummmm

#TeamTrey on this


Replied To: TREY SONGZ vs KANYE (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2010

Tremaine? Middle name Aldon? Last Name Neverson? Birthday in 10 days, on November 28th? Born in 84'? Will be turning 26 years young? Know world wide as ?Trey Songz?? Can steal hearts with his charm? All the ladies know his name? A lot of Guys are jealous of him? Ppl stay hatin on him? Never planned on singing? His "job" before singing was cutting hair? One of his hobbies are drawing? Like to play Call of Duty? Like to say "Yuppp, CMoooon', Baby, Fo' Sho, and That's Dope"? Could be seen as Arrogant? The Trey that started off Rapping? Singer that could take anyone's song, remix it, and make it 100 times better? The Trey that was discovered by Troy Taylor at a talent show? Released 4 albums from 2004 until now? The guy that appeared in 5 TV roles (including his own show)? Oh, you mean the Trey that did 3 tours this year? That guy? Trey thats on Tour with USHER right now? The Trey that opened up for JAY Z? Trey with the mother named APRIL, grandmother name ROSE, and brother named FORREST? The same Trey that is good friends with Rappe/Singer DRAKE? The Trey from the "So KODAK" commercial with a "So KODAK" smile to match? The one that be on USTREAM busting it up with his fans, chewing with his mouth open? Trey that won Best Male Artist on BET back in 09? The same TREY that recently had all FOUR of his wisdom teeth removed? Trey that's good friends with ALONZO HARRIS? Was dating CHRIS BROWN's back up dancer HELEN? The Trey that gets real NASTY on the "Lip Service" interviews with ANGELA YEE? Trey that is the owner of TREY's ANGELS? is it the same Trey that has over 60 remixes/covers? The one that came at R&B singer R.KELLY? The one that just remade ASTON MARTIN MUSIC? The one that jumped off stage during a preformance to fight cause someone hit him with ice? That Trey? The TREY that lives for the love of his fans? Trey that was looking HELLA SEXY in his unreleased video "BRAND NEW"?

Replied To: My angel competition!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2010

(cont) Trey that is a goofball at times? The Trey with a short temper? He likes to sag his pants? The Trey that uses a lot of profanity? The most "hood" R&B singer? The Trey that used to have long braids? The one that would get his hair braided every four days? Trey that brushes his teeth 5 times daily? The Model for the new RocaWear Campaign? The Trey that has his own Billboard in New York? The Trey that would like to sleep until 3pm if he had the choice? One of the hardest working men in the industry right now? The one dropping his mix tape in 10 days on his birthday? Is the man of dreams Trey? The one I can go on and on about? That Trey? Yea I know, love, and go hard for him? WHY WASSUP????

Replied To: My angel competition!! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 18, 2010
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