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I NEVER stated that Trey's Team didnt do anything wrong, hunni,

but sueing for 18 Million dollars because your name is not listed is a tad bit much dont you agree?

&& to get Kodak involved over a song that they had nothing to do with creating, is showing GREED in my eyes...

I dont think that this is something to just forget about, but at the same time, these people need to be rational...

I'm tired of people trying to make him look bad... Of all the music that Trey makes, I doubt he was thinking "oh let me steal this music to make ONE song". In my opinion, there was a lack of communication or this is something personal these men have against TREY

Replied To: Sued Over "Bottoms Up" (SMH) (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2011

@COOGI - I listened to the bars, most def... I dont give props unless there due...
(i even read lyrics if I cant understand whats being said)

Chris wasnt bad, but he wasnt better...

Replied To: Trey - Look At Me Now... (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2011

@KG... I dont think at all for one minute that the two of them are enemies...
in my eyes it is CB fans that are making it more than what it was...

My sister is a die hard CB fan, and she told me that she only listened to the
intro to Trey's verse and immediately turned it off..."claiming" that it sounded too much like
Chris' version BUT when Chris came on the track saying "Leggoo" she didnt
find a problem with that (go figure)

I honestly think that Chris fans KNOW Trey's verse is hotter and the fact that he
used the SAME beat as Chris and outshined him, are making them a little
jealous... Not to mention, out of that whole 4 minutes of the song, Chris only spit
for about 30seconds...

where Trey went in for the entire beat...

Trey is a better rapper hands down... I wouldnt be mad if CHRIS beat TREY at
a dance contest cause that's what he does... So they shouldnt be mad TREY
rap better, cause thats what he does...

oh and about the dissing part.. the only way TREY could be dissing Chris is because
he was BETTER, and by the way, Trey actually says on his verse that Chris should have
called him....

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On: Feb 08, 2011


Replied To: Trey - Look At Me Now... (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2011

@MissKehinde, I know like DONT ... lol I wish Trey would trademark his little phrases because Chris isnt the first person I heard use that...

Replied To: Trey - Look At Me Now... (Forum topic)
On: Feb 08, 2011
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