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@Jezzie1101, BTW... I LOVE your pic!!!!!

Replied To: Trey cant be compared! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 13, 2010

Like all of the ppl you named in your Statement, Trey is an R&B singer, and can very well be compared. Just because TREY is our favorite, does not mean put him above the artists that paved the way for him or are in the industry right now.

He is compared on the daily and there are plenty of artists out as well as up and coming, that are waiting for him to step down and take his place.

Trey says "his only COMPETITION is himself", and I agree , but that doesnt mean no one is going to compare him.

Replied To: Trey cant be compared! (Forum topic)
On: Nov 13, 2010

@beezy4beezy CTFU "we hav 2 get married cah he da baby daddy!!"

I would definitely tell him and hope for the best. I dont mean like being his "woman" (if thats not what he wanted) Lets face it, if your having a one nighter with a man, he is not thinking about you being his woman, and if he decided to try to make things work it would take a lot of time and getting to know each other.

If he didnt want that, It would hurt if he wanted to keep his child a secret for his image, but that would be something he would have to answer later to his kid. I would just hope him and I were cool (friends at the least)

On: Nov 12, 2010

Lol @Tricia, Im sorry girl...Well if you lose your job, you can write these for a living....

@Shannon I'm on it girl,

Im glad everyone likes it!!! I didnt think so

Replied To: Passion Pain & Pleasure : The Show (3) (Forum topic)
On: Nov 12, 2010

I love this ENTIRE, comment

SShorty says (3 weeks ago)
@Lydia Samuels

you are far too young to marry Tremaine...

Further, you shouldn't be thinking about relationships now, especially one with a
celebrity. When you are of the appropriate age and mature, the Bible says
"past the bloom of youth", I'm sure the Almighty will send you the right person...

Concentrate on your schooling, enjoy your youth, try to help others, listen to your parents,
and be a good girl...

On: Nov 12, 2010
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