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They are both good looking men, but TREY surpasses him by far...
I dont see the resemblence though...I'm sorry...

@CutTGurl609 - yea i orginally heard it from that commercial, but now
I hear more and more ppl saying and I'm like um.... "please stop cursing that fine man"

I wonder how Terrence feels about it.. LOL

Replied To: "Mini Trey Songz" ??? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 19, 2011

oh yes, girl.... he was looking all grown up on there ... I have to admit he was looking good...
but I do not think that he looks like TREY... ok MAYBE cousins, but that is just being nice...

BUT um "aint none of these dudes got sh*t on my baby" in mah Trey voice LOL

Replied To: "Mini Trey Songz" ??? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 19, 2011

I mean , I dont even see the resemblence.....

Replied To: "Mini Trey Songz" ??? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 19, 2011

Sorry for the delay,
I am on it ASAP, I had a tragedy, but I am back on it..
I will be posting to catch up with everything...

Sorry to keep you waiting....

Replied To: Trey Songz - Love Lost - (The Story) (Forum topic)
On: Jan 18, 2011

oh and to comment to ppl that dont like that TREY has
groupie's GET REAL
he gotta get his nut off some how shit, he is single...
and if he cared about them talking about it, he wouldnt be doing it

#treyglitter ctfu

Replied To: Have you dug the dirt? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 09, 2011
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