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Replied To: NEW VIDEO OF TREY PERFROMING! (stalker?) (Forum topic)
On: Aug 22, 2009

I AGREE!!!! TREY SHOULD RAP because his style is WAYYYYYYY better then whats out there, and he should show all his talent. GIVE US ALL UR TALENT TREY ;) plus alot of people out there dont know hw raps, so when they come to my house i play his freestlyes and they get impressed

On: Aug 22, 2009
On: Aug 22, 2009

well I'm pretty sure your "homies" listen to Jay-z , Kanye west, Ne-yo ect... and their lyrics aren't ass fire as Tremaine's mix tapes so I don't know where they are coming from, they need to check themselves , now tell them until they can be as lyrically fast and slick like trey they need to be hooked on phonics cause looks like they cant read and they seem not to know whats up in the industry

On: Aug 17, 2009

aww that's so nice, there are few artist that understand the role of an entertainer. I'm so glad that long drive was worth while for you =)

Replied To: Tell The Story of How You Met Trey Songz (Forum topic)
On: Aug 12, 2009
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