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Hope' ImReady Hudson


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Replied To: Happy Thanksgiving! (Video)
On: Nov 23, 2011
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Hope' ImReady Hudson
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I Love to Draw,WritePoems and Songs LISTEN TO MUSIC MAINLY RAP AND R&B Stay loving TREY because he funny and keep me laughing even if we not face to face and not to metion he sexy as hell plus he charming and always lookin for a new challenge my favorite album of his is pain,passion,pleasure because its erotic and passinate it make me super hot espesially at nite lmfao jk :)..........mabee. Trey is like a FWB to me he dont come off to me like a celb more of like my bestie i knew since wayyy back that became famous but still keep in contact with me by his music #tret baee
United States
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uhhh.......i forgot it but ill let yall know soon