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i think an amazing valentines day would be to get a hot air balloon shaped as a hart and have it all set up for when u take the one you love to where it is and when you and him get in it have some wine and a romantic dinner in side of it so when we are floating over the world we can eat then after that take him home and when we walk in the house have roses all over the floor leading up to your bed and have them all over the bed with some wine beside the bed and then whatever happens after that lol

On: Feb 13, 2013

i cry every time i see this video

Replied To: Yo Side Of The Bed (Video)
On: Apr 27, 2012
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On: Feb 28, 2012
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hi iam 33 years old im a single mom of 4 wonderful kids i love to have fun and to be around people that make me laugh i try to stay away from people that make me unhappy i have had alot of that in my live and its time to be happy lol . i like to go to the movies and i like to go out drinking with friends when i have the spair time .
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