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MS. TREYALICIOUS I KNOWWW im def addicted to 2reasons i i cant stop sayin "oh im about to DIIIVVE innn ooooooohhh" lol Trey is an amazing person sometimes i wonder if TreySongz will ever do a mixtape Just for Tremaine or somethin

On: Aug 20, 2012

i support Trey in everything he do... lol anytime i hear him on the radio my heart beats to the rythm of the music... i think i have a thing for '2reasons" like no joke... as i said party Trey and RnB Trey r cuul for me but i am addicted to slow songs so... but TRICIA AKA @GIM... is soo right you must be open to all of his music and frankly all his music are amazing even though there are some songz i definitely should not be listening to cuz im a young fan! lol #LOVE doe

On: Aug 20, 2012

I am so proud of u! boo keep going strong and let the Lord lead the Way!!! #LoveU

On: Aug 14, 2012

that is too bad for me... i'm not old enough to register let alone drive there lol i'll guess it will be another tym plz holla out to Trey for me tho :) #GodBless

Replied To: Houston ()
On: Aug 13, 2012

i love both sides but in my opinion i think i will go for the RnB side... he speaks alot about life lessons and a lot of interesting stuff about his past... but it is a bit biased cuz im a sucker for songz that literally touch my heart... but hey when im old enough to go to the club one of Trey's club banger jamz won't hurt one bit! #TeamTrigga #TeamLOVE

On: Aug 13, 2012
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im a nice person get to know me!! #TeamLove BTW, #GodFearing #MusICMAniaC and i LOVE To LOVE!!! <3
Listening to music, swimming, dancing ,LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 singing, LOVE to act, love to read, i major in Science, love sports, #arsenal (england) My fav 12 songs of Trey are : Love Lost, Black Roses, One Love, I need a girl, Sex Ain't Better Than Love, Heart attack, Can't be friends, Find a place, Already Taken, Top of The world, Can't Help but wait and I gotta make it.
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