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Welcome Angel you will meet some AMAZING ladies and gents. Connect to as many as you can great support when you need it and a laugh all the time not to mention the AWH MISSIONS.Don't forget to request your Angel NN and join iangle advocate were doing big things in support of Trey and our communities.

Replied To: I just joined the fan club (Forum topic)
On: Aug 19, 2011

True but i would love them in white,back,and blue.Thanks ladies

Replied To: ANGEL JEANS (Forum topic)
On: Aug 18, 2011

Yes white is not just a summer color anymore and it goes with the Angel jacket and tees.Trey loves to see his Angels in all white.

Replied To: ANGEL JEANS (Forum topic)
On: Aug 15, 2011

I like this idea and even the Trey Songz app could be upgraded a little but i'm loving the angels app.

Replied To: Petition For A Trey's Angels Phone App (Forum topic)
On: Aug 15, 2011


Replied To: Todays my Birthday :) (Forum topic)
On: Aug 12, 2011's picture
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Grown and sexy fan of Trey always ready to support him. Ive followed Treys career since I saw him perform in the local talent shows iin and around Va., it may seem strange to be crazy about a man no older than my own sons but I will always support local talent especially when you can see the passion behind the music and see the commitment he gives to everything he touches. I will always support Trey and give him all the hometown love he deserves.Love You Trey from Va. Official Angel #STIMULATING ANGEL
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